Rain and Sheep

And more rain and more sheep and finally the sun broke through and there were more sheep. That about sums up our day, but I can add a few details.

As we were leaving the town Okahune, we saw a Big Carrot in a park so we had to stop and get a photo. Because it was raining we didn’t get out of the car to take the photo, but Jim estimates that it was about 20 feet tall. They grow a lot of carrots in this area!


Today was a driving day (mostly) because I wanted to visit a small sheep farm/woolen mill that a was a ways south. We left the campground in the rain and drove through low clouds and rain, heavy at times, until we got to The Little Wool Shop, north of Feilding, NZ. This farm and mill is owned (since 1976) by Anna Gratton and I learned about her from a knitting website called Ravelry. This woman has 200 Corriedale sheep and processes the fleece into a variety of yarns which she then dyes into a rainbow of colors and combinations. She doesn’t let visitors into the processing plant so I enjoyed making several laps around her shop touching all the yarn and fibre choices before making a decision!


All day we drove through a landscape that once had been the site of violent volcano eruptions. There are steep angular hills and mountains with the roads curving over and around them. It was interesting driving! Also, this is the really green part of NZ (according to the Lonely Planet Guidebook) and we would certainly agree. All shades of green were represented from the dark greens of the pine forests to the spring green of the trees that were budding out. The slopes and fields were a lush green and well manicured by the thousands of sheep we saw. It was hard to get good sheep photos because when we would stop the car to take a picture, the sheep would get scared and run away, hence some photos of the backsides of sheep!





Before going to our campground, we drove past it to a beautiful waterfall called Marokopa Falls! We had the place to ourselves and were thrilled to find this thundering falls. On our drive back to the campground we stopped at a sign that said there was a short walk to a natural bridge over river that became the waterfall. But much to our surprise when we got to the bridge, we discovered it really was a mammoth double bridge over the river! It may be hard to see in my photo, because it was hard to photograph, but trust me on the double bridge part!






Tonight we are staying in another Top Ten Holiday Park, this one in the town of Waitomo. We cooked our dinner in their kitchen and now are sitting in the dining area, using our $5 Internet.


1 hour later. . . I took a short break from writing to take a night hike in a nearby river gorge. We are now in limestone country and there are all kinds of cave, tunnels and arches that this river runs through. One of the amazing things about this place is that it is home to glow worms-tiny living creatures that emit a glowing light at night! As we hiked along and turned off our torches (flashlights) the walls would glow like stars in the night sky! Mother Nature at her best! The trail wound its way level,with and above the river which was tumbling over rocks and pouring out of caves. We may try to go back tomorrow in the daylight just to see the river!

Speaking of tomorrow, we are going black water rafting-stay tuned!

Here are a couple more fun photos from today. We are camped right next to another Jucy tonight!


Tonight for dinner we tried NZ Baked Beans and I liked the can they came in. Jim says he likes these better than any we tried in AU.


And just to make you laugh, here is a photo that Jim took yesterday when I took off my raincoat hood! Bad hair day! Cheers!



4 comments on “Rain and Sheep

  1. Roger Flint says:

    Like the photo of the sheep apparently balancing on a strand of barbed wire!

  2. Beannie says:

    Marji, the hair is great!!!! You gave me a good chuckle to start my day with!! I am so enjoying reading your blog! Looking forward to seeing you in person when you return home. Have a great rest of your vacation! Beannie

  3. joan vogt says:

    Great shots as always. Love the sheep!

  4. jerry bouton says:

    Visited maw for the third time yesterday. Doing much better.

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