Counting Down the Hours

We are now counting down our hours left here in Melbourne and we are now sitting in a near empty apartment.

Yesterday the packer came to box up all of our air shipment stuff, which made our trip home seem more real. We had 8 boxes of stuff, including our 2 bike boxes, which Jim packed up. We were allowed 225 kilograms, and were well within that allowance. The air shipment will be delivered to us once we are back in Rochester.


Tom the Packer.

Yesterday I went for a long walk in the Botanical Gardens. This has been one of my favorite places to walk and I wanted to get one last visit in. In the six months we’ve been here I have been amazed at continuous display of blooms. And now that it is Spring, there were new things blooming. Also the duck and swan babies are getting bigger from when I first saw the chicks a month ago. We’ve had a lot of very windy days here lately and those high winds have caused some damage in the Gardens and the work crews were out in force cleaning up the fallen limbs and piles of leaves. I had a lovely last Garden walk!


Duck Family.


Swan Family.


Clean-up crew.


One more Moreton Bay Fig tree, my favorite!


Garden View.


Jim and I finally got in the pool here at the apartment building and we had a delightful swim! The water temperature was near body temp and we enjoyed a swim under the stars!

Pool Selfie!

Pool Selfie!


Today we closed out our Australian bank account and had to make some decisions which would allow us to access some cash while in New Zealand and not pay a mountain of fees for international transactions. The people at the bank were very helpful and I think we have an arrangement that will work for us. A couple of weeks ago the credit card that we were using was rejected when we tried to renew our rental car. A call to the credit card company revealed that they detected some suspicious transactions and froze the card. When we confirmed that the 2 questionable transactions were not ours, the card was cancelled. They were very quick to FedEx us new cards, especially when they saw how much we’ve been using the card!

Today I took one last walk along St. Kilda Beach. I arrived in the rain, but while I was eating lunch the sun broke through and  I had a nice walk along the boardwalk before heading to my last knitting group.

St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda Beach

So tomorrow is my last yoga class and one more haircut and then we are going out for dinner.


It has taken me an hour and a half to write this short post because the movie Pretty Woman is on the TV and Richard Gere is quite a distraction!


4 comments on “Counting Down the Hours

  1. Roger Flint says:

    It’s been great reading all you blogs Marji and I will miss them. Have a wonderful trip to New Zealand and a safe journey home.

    Roger & Mary

  2. Maryanne and Jim Oster says:

    Hi Margie,   I am going to miss reading you posts!  I look at them first thing in the morning when I get into work.  I have really enjoyed them and hope you take what you have done and make a book out it.   Have fun in New Zealand!   Maryanne

  3. joan vogt says:

    I too will miss your entertaining blog but will be glad to see you. Love the little ducks and swans. Safe journey home.

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