Dedicated Reader Winner!

I know, I know, you didn’t even know there was a contest for the most dedicated reader of this blog, but Jim’s sister, Jeannie, sent me this photo of Jim’s Mom, reading this blog with a broken wrist on one arm and another arm that just doesn’t work!


Maw reading the blog.

Jeannie put this set-up together so Maw can use her iPad and it seems to work! So keep reading Maw!

I realized that I’ve never mentioned my latest knitting project! I am using yarn and pattern that I bought at the Bendigo Woollen Mills. I am actually done knitting the front, back and 2 sleeves and I’ve sewn the front to the back at the shoulders, but I have decided to finish sewing it together when I have a good steam iron to block the pieces and then really good light for completing the sew-up. The pullover sweater has 3 narrow panels of lace going up the front, and one panel on the back and on each sleeve. I really like it and hope I still feel that way when it is finished! I do believe that this is the fastest sweater I have ever knit, probably less than 2 months!


My sweater pieces.

Tomorrow the packers/movers come to pack up and take away our stuff to be air shipped home! Then I will start living out of my New Zealand bag.

Jim and I may go for a swim in the apartment pool tonight, now that it has been heated again. We hoped to go in when some of our guests were here, but either we ran out of time or the pool heater was broken. But we saw folks in the pool over the weekend and checked it out to discover that the heater had been repaired and it looks worth trying. Watch for photos in a later post.



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