Werribee Open Safari Park and Zoo

Visiting Werribee Open Safari Park and Zoo has been on my list of things to do for quite a while so today was the day, as my days are running out! I was in Werribee Park with Tucker and Alison because that is where the Equestrian Center is located, but we did not go to see the wild animals.

I drove about 30 minutes west of here and it was an easy drive because I left after rush hour. The winds were ferocious though and there were high wind warnings up as I approached the West Gate Bridge and the speed was reduced from 80k to 60k because of the high winds. My little car had no trouble.

Because it is a school holiday I knew that there would be lots of families at Werribee but I was there early enough to be ahead of the major crowds. Park entry ($26.50 AU) included a safari ride in their big open buses so I did that first when I arrived. Here are some of the animals I saw from the the bus.


This is the type of bus I was on.


One hump dromedaries.




Zebras (here in Aussie-land they pronounce zebra so it rhymes with Debra! Go ahead, try it!)




A mixed grill!

After that I walked through the zoo and wetland portions of the park. Here is what I saw  there.


Three hippos.


African Wild Dogs.



On the Werribee property, the sheep shearing shed from the original owners still stands. It was a great building with thick stone walls and lots of doors to let the sheep and breeze in and out. The woolshed was built in 1860.


Inside the Chirnside Woolshed.


The thick stone walls and beautiful doors of the Chirnside Woolshed.


One of the flowers in the zoo park.


The safari park/zoo offers a Slumber Safari where people take a night tour of the property, sleep in these luxury tents and then take an early morning tour. Sounds good!

Overall it was a good park and I am glad I made the visit. I left around noon and decided to check out the town of Hopper’s Crossing, with a name like that who would not be interested, which is not far from Werribee park. I’ve seen the exit signs for Hopper’s Crossing on the M1 any time I’ve driven west so I checked my Melway map book and set off on a short drive to a mall in HC. The mall was actually much bigger than I thought it would be and it had both a Coles and a Wooly’s so I could get a couple of things for dinner. I walked the whole mall, but only bought some mince (ground beef) and tomatos. Now I can say I’ve been to Hopper’s Crossing!

I spent the afternoon making an inventory of all the stuff I have purchased here in AU, that I will be taking in my  luggage on our way back to the states. I then had to pull all (or most) of the receipts for these items. I will make a list of the items and their values for the customs folks when we re-enter the good old USA!

Jim is packing up his bike tonight which means I will start driving him to work these last 4 mornings. Most nights he thinks he can get a ride home with a colleague. I think I have mentioned about the magpies harassing Jim on his ride to work in the mornings. Well today this one bird swooped by his head 6 times and made a direct hit on Jim’s helmet 4 times!!! Never a dull moment!

Tomorrow is October 1st, it is hard to believe that when we return home we will have to think about raking leaves and preparing for another winter!

G’Day Mates!


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