Hawks Win!

Footy fever peaked today as over 100,000 fans squeezed into the “G” to see the Hawthorn Hawks defeat the Fremantle Dockers in an excellent game.

The game started at 2:30 PM but we decided to walk over to the “G” around 10:00 to check out the festivities and growing crowds. Jim also had a colleague who told him vaguely where he and his buddies would be tailgating and we should try to find him. We enjoyed walking through the ranks of tailgaters, but never found him. I was amazed at how early people were lining up to get to their seats considering the gates did not open until 11:00. We did find out that there were many per-game activities in the stadiums so that must have been the attraction to get people there so early. We didn’t have tickets so we headed home, but enjoyed the walk as we watched many hopeful fans from both teams heading towards the stadium in their team regalia!


Rainbow lorikeets watching fans pass on the way to the big game.


Face Painters were out in force to help fans “support the team!”


Gathering crowds at the “G”.

Another one of Jim’s colleagues invited us to his house to watch the game because he was having a BBQ with some friends. It was a fun afternoon to watch the game with these people, who knew lots about the game and the history of these two teams. I was cheering for the Dockers and I think most people at the BBQ would have liked to see them pull out an upset win, but it was not their day. So I guess there will be lots of celebrating and sorrow-drowning tonight, but we plan to stay home. Jim has work to do and there is still packing and organizing to do to get ready for the professional packing of the air shipment on Wednesday.

We arrived in Melbourne shortly after the footy season started and we have become big fans of the game and were glad to still be here to see the exciting conclusion of a great season!



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