I did it! I kicked my first footy goal and won a footy ball!

It was a beautiful morning for a ride to the CBD and I got there in time to get in line for the Kick to Win game with only about 20 people in front of me. Each person was given 5 chances to kick and you only needed to get one through the goal for a free ball. I went 3 for 5, missing my first and last attempts. Not bad for a rookie!

The carnival atmosphere was once again in full swing in Federation Square and I took advantage of free give-aways of meat pies and a new Cadbury candy. See the photo below for my haul!


My footy prize and other free stuff!


The very popular meat pie man!

I didn’t hang around too long because I had a FaceTime get-together with a friend, which was wonderful! Love FaceTime!

I did the Capitol City Loop on my bike one more time for a total of 28 miles today! There is a new hazard for bikers these days and that is the magpie population. Apparently in the Spring, they fly into biker’s helmets! Jim’s colleagues warned him about this and today out of the corner of my eye I saw one coming towards me and instinctively ducked down so I only heard his wings go by my helmeted head, no direct contact was made! Some local riders put stiff plastic cable ties on the top of their helmets, sticking straight up to deter a direct hit, but they look pretty funny!


Sign along my bike route.


Can you see the plastic spikes sticking out of the guys helmet?

Here is a photo of the enormous ferris wheel that is being repaired. I think I have written about this before. For the past month or so we have been watching the progress as the pods are systematically attached. It looks complete now.


The pods are all finally in place.

Jim was out to dinner with his colleagues tonight so I had a quiet evening to get some reservations made for New Zealand.

Time for bed for me~those of you in the USA, have a good day!


2 comments on “Goal!

  1. joan vogt says:

    Congratulations on the footy ball! You have really got me interested in those meat pies. When you get back I want to hear more about how you make them. Great blog as usual!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Way to go on the kick. You could start a Footy league when you get home now. Brits says they have them in California!

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