Footy Fever

Or as the Aussies say, “Footy Feva!”

I decided to take a trip to the CBD, specifically Federation Square where my research indicated that there were footy festivities happening today, in preparation for the Grand Final on Saturday. And sure enough, my sources were right!

As I mentioned yesterday, this is School Holiday Week so the families were out in force to have some fun at the Footy Fair. There were all kinds of booths set up where you could try to kick a goal and win a footy (the ball), have your photo taken and put on a team badge, practice catching a ball for a mark, and have your photo taken by the championship trophy to name a few.

I thought I might try to kick a goal to get a ball to bring home, but the line for this activity stretched across the square and I was unwilling to wait in it. When I returned to Federation Square before returning home, the line was closed because the free footys were running out. One of the women working this activity told me they would be there tomorrow and to get there early. So I plan to ride my bike to the CBD in the morning to try to kick a goal so I can get a free footy. Wish me luck!


Larger than life footy players were on hand for photos. They are representing the two teams playing on Saturday.


This will be me in the morning! Hope I can make it!


10 meter high footy player made with little footy balls!


Street entertainment for the hordes!


Even the sides of large buildings get into the footy spirit!


Families waited a long time to be photographed by the championship trophy.



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