My Tuesday yoga class was quite full again today and I’m sure it is because the cute guy is teaching this class! I’m not complaining, just saying! He puts us through a good workout and we all do just what he asks!!

I took the train into the CBD to do some shopping today and walked about 16,000 steps in the 3 hours I was gone. When I walked to the tram stop near our house, I saw that I had just missed the tram. Bummer. But since the tram stop is across the street from the train station, I checked the train schedule and only had to wait 5 minutes for the next train to the CBD so I “touched on” with my transport pass and made my way down to Platform number 3. The train arrived as scheduled and 6 minutes later I was at Flinder’s Station in the CBD.

I think I have done a lot of walking around in the CBD, but I continue to be amazed when I find a new set of shops or some artwork that I’ve never seen before or see some place that I have heard of, but never knew where it was exactly. Today that happened as I was looking for one shop, I discovered a big Woolworths and indoor shopping mall. I also tracked down a button shop that my knitting group friends told me about on the second floor of an old building on one of the main streets. I bravely entered an alleyway that looked like it had steps going up and sure enough I found the button shop as well as some artist’s studios! The buttons were all interesting, but since I didn’t have a project in need of buttons, I didn’t buy anything.

I went to a yarn and fabric store in the CBD that I’ve shopped at before and today I found some Christmas fabric (cotton) that had a Christmas koala bear print that was too cute! So I bought 2 meters~not sure what I will do with it, but I’ll think of something!


Koala Christmas fabric

I love the hustle and bustle of the CBD and the fact that there is always something going on, but after 3 hours I was ready to come home. The number 8 tram brought me back to Toorak Road. I got off one stop early so I could stop at a bakery that makes those good macaroons.

We had company for dinner!  Jim’s colleague, Anthony, came to our apartment for dinner. I managed to cook pasta and heat up sauce from a jar, to which I added some veggies and chicken. I made a rocket salad, which is a favorite of ours and for dessert, I served the macaroons. Not a bad meal, if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow night Jim and I are heading to Darwin, Australia, named after Charles Darwin. We don’t leave here until 5 PM, fly through Brisbane and arrive in Darwin at 1 AM. There will be no blog tomorrow night so enjoy the day off! We will be in the Darwin area through Sunday night.

Thanks for everyone who left comments wishing Jim’s Mom a speedy recovery. The word from my parents is that she is in good spirits. No decisions have been made at the time of this writing about her future care.

Did I mention that late last week a helicopter landed in footy field that we look down upon from our apartment? Well it returned again on Sunday afternoon. This time it dropped off someone. Not sure what the story is there, but helicopters in the footy field are something new around here!


A helicopter landing in the neighboring footy field.

I will leave you with 2 photos from this weekend that reminded me of footprints. Both were found in ancient rocks by the ocean.



Boot print in the rock.


Footprint in the rock.


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