So Far Away

When Jim accepted this assignment here in Aussie-land, our big concern or fear was that something might happen to one of our parents while we were Down Under. Well, after 5 months our luck ran out as Jim’s Mom fell yesterday and broke the wrist on her good arm. She spent the night in the hospital but we are unsure of what the next steps will be for her. Fortunately Jim’s sister, Jeannie (who was a recent visitor) has taken the lead in finding out about Maw’s condition and options for next steps. This is not easy as Jeannie and his other sister, Terry, live out of state. We are also grateful that my parents are involved in helping out with Jim’s Mom, especially since they live in the same senior living complex, which is right next to the hospital to which Maw was taken. It is difficult being so far away and knowing there is little we can do. We do have faith in Jeannie and Terry and know that along with my parents, Maw is in good hands.


The type of jucy camper-van we are considering.

We are still planning on going to New Zealand when Jim finishes his work here in Australia in early October. We have been investigating renting a camper-van while in NZ, to serve as our rental car and mobile home! There is a rental company in AU and NZ called jucy, that rents very distinctive green and purple camper vans. Jim has always been entertained by the sexy-looking girl that is part of the jucy logo!


The 4-person jucy camper-van.

Today I went to the local jucy rental site to check out in person what one of  these vans looks like inside and see if it would fit our needs for a few days/nights. jucy rents 2 sizes of camper-vans and we are considering the smaller one, designed for 2 travellers. There are 2 captains chairs in the front for a driver and passenger. In the back there is a bench seat with a table. At night the table folds down and  some accordian-folded cushions pull out to form a sleeping platform. In the way back is a small refrigerator, single-burner gas stove, cooking pots and utensils, plates and silverware and a small sink with a 10 liter water container. There are curtains that can be pulled across all the windows. It is a pretty slick set-up and the price is good so we will probably book one of these camper vans once we figure out what exactly we want to do in NZ and where we want to go.


jucy rentals!

Hope all is well with everyone and I thank you for reading.

G’Day Mates!


4 comments on “So Far Away

  1. D'Alta says:

    Marji, I understand and know well your worry…even three hours is too far when family is in need. I don’t know whether Jim’s and your parents chose to live in the same senior community to be of help to each other and to make care for them as they age easier for you and Jim. However, how wonderful for them and you to be living so close to each other. I am at home, for a bit, overseeing work on our house. Please tell Jeannie and Terry that I’m here to pitch in for an afternoon if they need help. And I know some fantastic surgeons, if the need arises.

    Your trip to NZ sounds great! We have friends there, one of Kerry’s colleagues, I think in the north. They love sailing, running, hiking. Because they are so far away, we don’t get to see them very often. So…Marji and Jim, get out there in your juicy kiwi plum and enjoy!!!

  2. Jerry says:

    Bonnie and I do visitations for Bethany and todays e-mail said Myrtle Robinson was in the hospital. Is she Jim’s mother? We will be visiting her this pm

  3. Judy Price says:

    At the Y this morning Sally told me about Myrtle. We are going to be grandparents all day and evening in Buffalo today, but I will visit tomorrow and see what I can do to be of assistance. Church family is here!

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