And Then There Were Two

I took Liz to the airport this morning and now we are missing all of our visitors. If you were one of the folks who used your vacation time and your hard earned money to come for a visit, we say, “Thank you!” Everyone’s visit was a bit different but they were all the same in that it was so good to see each of you and to share this beautiful place we’ve called home for almost 6 months. Now, instead of looking forward to our next visitors, we are looking forward to coming home and seeing all of our family and friends on our home turf. But before we leave here, we still have some plans!


Bye Liz, it’s been fun!

One of the things on my Things to Do list was to make a return trip to Bendigo to visit the Bendigo Woollen Mill (that is the way they spell “woolen”). I am currently knitting a sweater for me from wool I got from the mill back in July when we were in Benigo for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and I wanted to get some more of their wool. A stop a Bendigo Pottery was also on my itinerary today. Bendigo is almost a 2 hour drive northwest of Melbourne. The airport is in that direction so after dropping off Liz, I just continued on.

The woollen mill was not nearly as busy as it was Sheep and Wool weekend. It was easier to “take a browse” (look around) at all the colors and styles of yarn that this mill produces. I ended up buying wool for 2 adult-sized jumpers (sweaters) and one baby sweater and hat. 


One of the wool walls at Bendigo Woollen Mill.


My yarn purchases!

Bendigo Pottery was founded in 1858 and has been producing a wide range of beautiful pottery since then. They use clay sourced from local river beds and there was a man demonstrating the process of throwing a pot. Bendigo Pottery sells its wares in the original pottery building and the old brick kilns provide a very authentic experience.


Brick kiln and Bendigo pottery.


Pottery demo at Bendigo Pottery.


I had lunch in Bendigo at a very popular bakery and bought some Bushman pasties (vegetable calzone-like things) for dinner.

No blog tomorrow~it will be a yoga and knitting group day.



Beautiful weaving sample at a special weaving exhibit at the Bendigo Visitor’s Information Centre.


3 comments on “And Then There Were Two

  1. se23lane says:

    Love that wool. So glad Liz could come for a visit.
    Marji, can you tell us where the cruise ships dock? We are having trouble deciding what we can do on our one day in Melbourne? Botanical Gardens are top on our list. Sandy

  2. Roger Flint says:

    Hi Marji, we have really enjoyed your blogs from down under and it’s certainly given us a real feel for the different areas of Australia.
    I was particularly interested in your visits to Tasmania. Way back in 1845 a Charlotte Kimpton, who was brought up in the village where I live, was transported to Tasmania at the age of just 16 for 7 years for stealing some money from an aunt. My mother’s maiden name was Kimpton and there were numerous Kimpton families living here in those days. It is likely she wanted to go to Australia as her boy friend had already been sentenced to transportation to Tasmania. She served five years of her sentence and then settled in Tasmania, married had a family. Many years later her descendants moved to Victoria. I guess I am related to her in some way! In some ways she was lucky since many people back in the late 1700’s were executed for such minor offences

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