You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine!

Today was Liz’s day to go exploring on her own. After her morning run, she took the #8 tram downtown. She walked about 5 miles exploring some neighborhoods she had read about and then returning to the CBD to revisit some shops she saw on previous visits. Here are some of her photos from her day.




I decided to start my day by returning to yoga. It’s been over two weeks since I was there and it felt good to practice all the postures. There were 15 women in the class, a bigger group than I’ve ever seen and I attribute that to the fact that a cute guy was teaching the class!!

After yoga I got to FaceTime with my parents which is always a treat! We will all be so happy to see each other on Oct. 20th!

The weather was looking good after the FaceTime call so I decided to take a bike ride. I rode my favorite loop, the Capital City route, only today I rode it in a reverse direction. I stopped for lunch at the Children’s Farm Cafe before finishing the loop. The sun was in and out and a few rain drops fell during the last 10 miles, but it was never a problem. I haven’t done this loop in more than a month and there were some new sights to see. First of all, evidences of spring were everywhere! Fields and woodlands were very green, fruit trees were blooming and flowers were showing their colors. It was lovely!

There were also 2 new large boats in the Melbourne Marina. They are part of the fleet for Sea Shepherds, a non-profit organization that aggressively tries to protect marine wildlife like dolphins and whales. There were free tours of these boats, but I didn’t have my bike lock so I wasn’t comfortable leaving my bike while I toured the boats.

Here are some photos from my ride.






I spent the late afternoon working on our financial records, something I always neglect when we have visitors! The job is not quite finished, but is under control!

We went out to dinner with Liz tonight to celebrate our time together Down Under. We chose a Thai restaurant on Toorak Road and we had a very good meal.


Tomorrow I will take Liz to the airport in the morning and then continue heading north and west to the town of Bendigo. Jim and I went to Bendigo in July for the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and included a stop at the Bendigo Woollen Mill. I am currently knitting a sweater with wool from this mill and I love it so I am going back to get some more wool for another project. There are also a couple of local pottery shops that I would like to visit. So I will make a day of it!



One comment on “You Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine!

  1. Eileen Alley says:

    Marg you have truly made the most of your time! I have truly enjoyed reading your post every day!

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