Something for Everyone!

After breakfast in Port Campbell we continued west on the GOR to see a few more of the attractions along the coast. Today’s challenge was the wind~there were times when we were very glad that the viewing platforms above the ocean had railings around it because gusts of wind forced us into those railings several times!


Water bottles at our breakfast stop.


High winds blowing off the tops of the waves!


Crashing waves at London Bridge.

Whales were still at Warrnambool as of yesterday so we drove to Logan’s Beach to see if Liz would be lucky enough to see them and there they were!! At least 6 whales were swimming within our easy viewing area. There was also a seal surfing in the waves which was fun to watch. We weren’t there too long before one whale dove deep and showed her tail. It was an amazing time!


Whale tail!


Three whales and a surfer.


Our near-matching whale-watching raincoats!

We were getting hungry so we decided to check out a few places on the Otway Harvest Trail. The first farmhouse cheese maker was closed but the second one was open. We did a cheese tasting and then selected 3 cheeses for a cheese plate for lunch. Delicious! Then it was on to a small chocolate shop and we samples and purchased some of their sweet treats!


The Apostle Whey Cheese Shop.


Art work at the cheese shop!


Recently born calves.


Cheese plate with rolling, green farm land in the distance.

The Otway Treetop Walk was the next stop on our tour. You may remember that I visited this attraction with Corey and Mike a couple of weeks ago. The boys would not have liked today’s conditions at all! The wind was high and gusty and the tall trees were swaying as was the Treetop Walk! It was terribly exciting! There were a few rain drops while we were on the walk and the skies had darkened. After getting down from the Treetop walk and starting our hike back up to the Visitor’s Center on the trail, a Treetop employee drove up to us in a golf cart and told us that he came to get us out because there was a band of thunderstorms headed our way and we needed to be back up at the Visitor’s Center! Sure enough we heard some thunder! We drove away and never saw or heard a thunder storm, but we were glad that they were safety conscious!


Heading out on the Treetop Walk.


Liz, high above the forest floor!


Our safety ride back to the Visitor’s Center.

We arrived back in Melbourne at 6:30 PM and quickly got a ravioli dinner back on the table. One highlight on the drive home was the setting sun emerging from a cloud bank and lighting up one of the canola fields in bloom! Beautiful!


Canola fields near Melbourne. Photo by Liz.

One odd thing we saw today (and I have seen on previous trips) was dead animals nailed on fence posts along a farmer’s field. Today I had to stop and see what the animals were and I discovered that they were foxes! Foxes are not native to Australia and were introduced to control the non-native rabbit population. The foxes have no natural enemies here and their population is out-of-control! This particular farmer must have been trying to send a message to any foxes who may dare to enter his pasture!


Smelly fox bodies along the road!

Liz is now researching how she wants to spend her last day in Melbourne!



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