GOR #6

So this was my 6th and probably my last trip out the Great Ocean Road and it has been another winner of a day! Our day started with the return of hot air balloons over Melbourne. Seven of them floated above the city~that’s the most we’ve ever seen here at one time.

Liz and I left the apartment at 7:30 AM and 10 hours and 20,000-plus steps later, I called it a day! Here are the highlights:

* Kangaroos on the Angelsea Golf Course
* Beautiful blue sky at the Split Point Lighthouse
* Beach walking to watch the surfers and surf fisherman
* Rainforest walk. The tree that had fallen across the trail when I was there with Corey and Mike had been cleaned up!
* KOALAS- some fairly close
* Free sausages for lunch because the lighthouse cafe was closed. The sausages were extras that the lighthouse cafe had prepared for a catered lunch for a bus tour. We must have looked pitiful when the lighthouse guy offered us each a sausage and slice of bread. When I asked how much I owed for this fine fare he said he needed a smile from me and a picture of Liz. I smiled and pulled Liz away!
* Gibsons Steps to the beach by two of the twelve Apostles.
* Twelve Apostles
* Fun with the crashing waves at Loch Ard Gorge and Sherbrooke Estuary.

Once again the Great Ocean Road has lives up to its name!

We had one odd sighting today and that was when we were at the Gibsons Steps. Just ahead of us on the steps to down to the beach were a bride, groom, photographer and his assistants. The bride and groom, she in a long white gown with a train and he in a suit, proceeded to stand on the beach so that the waves rolled up over their feet. Her dress was soaked and full of wet sand! It was unbelievable. And they didn’t do this once, but multiple waves rolled over them!

Tomorrow we are going to Warrnambool because whales are still being spotted there, then we have a couple of new places to visit before heading back to Melbourne.

Here are the photos from the day. And if you’ve figured out that I am writing this on the iPad, you are right!

G’Day Mates!












2 comments on “GOR #6

  1. Sally says:

    Looks familiar and wonderful!

  2. jeannie says:

    Love the GOR. The wedding dress—they are called trash the dress photos! I have seen brides do it here after the wedding. I guess they think it is artistic!

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