Melbourne Days

Yesterday and today are Corey and Mike’s last 2 days with us and they have been Melbourne days.

Yesterday we 4 (Jim went to work) walked to the Melbourne Cricket Ground where we took a tour of the stadium.  You may remember that I took this tour shortly after we began this Aussie adventure and it made our experience at our first footy game at the  “G” even more interesting. When we arrived for our tour I was pleasantly surprised to find that we would have the same tour guide that I had on my first tour. She is an older woman who loves her sports and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.


Mike, Liz and Corey at the “G”.

The kids enjoyed the tour and were awed by the size of the field and the stadium and the long history of this Melbourne landmark. When the tour concluded, it was raining so we decided to eat lunch at one of the cafes in the “G”. 

I said good bye to the kids after lunch and went to the Rod Laver Arena where I could buy our footy tickets and the kids walked to the CBD. They had a great afternoon exploring the laneways, doing some shopping and finding a Happy Hour at a local bar. They cooked dinner when they got home which was a nice treat for me. 


Mike opening Liz’s bottle of sparkling wine!

Today we took the train to the northern part of the CBD and walked to the Queen Victoria Market. We wandered among the food and non-food stalls and then walked through the meat, fish and deli vendors. 


Amused by the Americandy vendor!


Luscious looking tomatoes!

Our next destination was a Coles supermarket because the boys wanted to take some Tim Tam cookies home with them. Before we left home I looked up where the nearest Coles was in the CBD and it ended up being in a large mall area that was new to me. I will have to go back and check it all out someday. I will have to blog about Aussie cookies in the near future~we have our favorites!

With Tim Tams in hand, we walked through some of the laneways that the kids discovered yesterday. We chose a cafe in one of the laneways and had a delicious lunch. Fortified with some food we walked to the Ian Potter Art Gallery to see some indigenous art.


Indigenous display at the gallery.

We enjoyed our time at the gallery but were getting tired from the strolling-pace we kept at the gallery so we picked up the pace and headed to a bar that is under one of the pedestrian bridges over the Yarra River. We showed this bar to all of our guests, but this was our first visit. It was fun to be down on the water level in the middle of the river. The place was not real busy today as it was overcast and on the cool side. 


At the bridge bar.

We took the tram home and are now resting up for the footy game. 

We will be sorry to see Corey and Mike leave tomorrow. It has been so much fun to share a small part of this beautiful country with them. Liz will be here for a few more days so we will still get to be tour guides!

G’Day  Mates!



One comment on “Melbourne Days

  1. Marg Brocks says:

    Tom and I have so enjoyed reading your blog each day and keeping up with Mike and Corey’s travels. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and for being such wonderful hosts to Mike. We cannot wait to talk to him and hear all about his trip. Australia is now on the “bucket list!”

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