Back to Melbourne!

We are back in Melbourne after 5 wonderful days in Tasmania. Before I tell you what we did today I have 2 photos to share from last night. When we came home from dinner we discovered a bushy-tailed possum climbing up the screen door to our deck! Crazy animals!


Can you see the paws of this critter as he climbs on our screen door?

Then when I went to bed I took my pedometer out of my pocket to discover that we had walked over 35,000 steps that day! No wonder I was tired.


All those steps and lots of big ups and downs.

But we all slept well last night and were ready to head back to Launceston today. It was easier to leave Cradle Mountain because it was a very cloudy morning~no views of the mountain today, which made us appreciate yesterday’s beautiful weather! 

Our plans were looser today and we told the kids to look through the guide books and see if there was something they wanted to do in Launceston. On our way to the city we made stops at a local cheese factory and a raspberry farm. At the Ashgrove Cheese factory we got to see a movie about cheese-making at this place which was interesting. The fact that the movie was in Chinese with English subtitles made it entertaining! Of course we had to buy a small block of their cheese after sampling about 7 different kinds.


Mike with the “Statistics” cow at Ashgrove Dairy.


Cheese tasting. Yummy!


Cheese Maturing Room.


Lots of Cow Art at the dairy!

It was not raspberry season at the raspberry farm but we learned that this farm produces about 60,000 tons of berries each season (Dec.- April) and they make and sell many different raspberry products. We bought a small container of dark chocolate-covered raspberries which we all agreed were the best!


Dark Chocolate covered raspberries~perfect!

We continued on into Launceston, found a place to park for an hour, and walked around the CBD. We decided that we would eat up our food leftovers for lunch so we headed to a nearby park and finished up a few things that we had purchased for breakfasts and trail lunches. This city park included a small exhibit of Macaque monkeys so we walked around until we found them and then spent a long time watching about a dozen of these monkeys walk around and clean each other. 


Flower vendor in the Launceston CBD.


Corey checking out the seating options in the outdoor mall area of the CBD.


Lunch in a Launceston city park.


The flower conservatory in the park.


Monkeys in the park.


Monkey family~Mom holding a baby while Dad picks things out of Mom’s fur!

Liz then read about a winery near the airport that featured sparkling wines, one of her favorites! We were the only tasters there and everyone but me (DD) got to taste 16 different wines! That is not a typo, 16! And it was free! I tasted 2 of the Reislings and Liz and I each bought a bottle of our favorite.


Wine tasting at Josef Chromy winery.


View of the winery across one of the ponds on the property.

One of the themes throughout the day was black swans. We have only seen black swans here in Australia, no white ones. Today we saw swans at 3 different places and here are the photos to prove it!


Swans, with babies, at the raspberry farm.


Swans on the winery pond.

And my favorites. . .


Tire swans in the city park!


How creative are these things?! They are made from recycles car tires!

Our flight back to Melbourne was on time arriving shortly after 7 PM. We went for a quick dinner at Lamb on Chapel and now things are pretty quiet around here. The veranda is a popular spot because it has been very warm here in Melbourne the past few days~in the 80’s F. Spring has sprung!

We had a fabulous trip to Tasmania doing a wide variety of activities. And we could not have asked for better weather.

Plans are up in the air for tomorrow, but there are lots of options!

G’Day Mates!


2 comments on “Back to Melbourne!

  1. Sally says:

    Love the swans, and, can you bring back some chocolate raspberries?

  2. jeannie says:

    I think I want to find some tires and do yard art!!!!

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