Northern Tasmania

Sept. 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day to my USA friends. For my school teacher friends, this means back to school time for you and I wish you a wonderful school year!

Today was a gorgeous weather day, sunny, clear skies with a high temp of 20 degrees C.

After brekky at an outside table at a bakery in Scottsdale we headed for the town of Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania. This city sits on the Tamar river about 40k from the ocean (Bass Strait). We walked around the CBD for a short time because Liz and I spied a sign for a woolen mill on the way in. The mill store only sold blankets, throws,and shawls but the shop keeper gave us directions to a local yarn store. We looked around for the guys but they were no where to be seen so we went shopping for yarn. I bought some beautiful Australian kid mohair yarn!

Once we all regrouped we drove a very short distance to the edge of town to Cataract Gorge, where the South Esk River tumbles towards the city. The river is dammed up and there is a cable car that takes people across the basin of water behind the dam, with terrific views up and downstream. We took the cable car across the river and then hiked up and down stream on good trails. We re-crossed the river on a pedestrian suspension bridge and then took the return trip on the cable car.

By now we worked up an appetite and a thirst and went back into town to the James Boag’s Brewery. We enjoyed a good lunch and everyone but me sampled the beer ( which we already knew was wonderful). I was the DD so I stuck with water.

And I needed to be in complete control for our drive to Cradle Mountain National Park. Our route took us on narrow, curvy roads up and over mountains. It was a lovely drive if not a bit stressful for the driver!

Cradle Mountain is a World Heritage Site and photos of Cradle Mountain are regularly featured in travel articles about Australia. A stop at the Visitor’s Centre got us ready for tomorrow’s big hike up into the mountains! And the weather is supposed to be glorious again tomorrow! We drove to the end of the park road for a view of Cradle Mountain rising above Dove Lake. It was spectacular and got us very excited to hike in this area tomorrow.

Tonight and tomorrow night we are staying in a 2-bedroom villa (bungalow). The kids cooked us a nice dinner here and now we are being entertained by a bushy-tailed possum which seems quite at home on our deck. Earlier tonight there were 3 pandemelons (little kangaroos) just below our deck. We are hoping to see a wombat!

There is supposed to be Internet in the lounge off the reception office, so hopefully I will be able to publish tonight and tomorrow night!























4 comments on “Northern Tasmania

  1. Chris Culp says:

    Marge, I enjoy reading your Crossings so much I think PBS should have put you on as a travel show!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I think everyone agrees! Marge you are amazing in all you do!

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