Wallabies and Whales!

First off, I have edited yesterday’s blog to include some photos, so you may want to revisit that entry to get the whole picture of our day!

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter “W” for wallaby and whale! We had an exciting start to our day when we were driving away from Port Campbell and a very large wallaby hopped across the road about 50 meters in front of us! I think it was a wallaby and not a kangaroo because it was very dark in color, like a wallaby. But if it was indeed a wallaby, it was the largest wallaby I’ve seen! No photos, I was driving and it all happened too fast for Corey to get his camera in position.

We still had a few more attractions along the GOR to see this morning, so we made 4 stops: The Arch, London Bridge, The Grotto and Bay of Islands. It was a beautiful morning to be along the coast and we enjoyed the low morning sun on the rock formations. Bay of Islands was a new stop for me and it was one more awesome spot. Many of the large rock islands were home to lots of seabirds, which made it an interesting spot.


Stunning London Bridge in the morning sun.


The Grotto


Bay of Islands

I decided to take a chance that the whales would still be in Warrnambool, so we drove the 40 minutes west to Logan’s Beach and we were in for a treat! Just as we arrived one whale was in close and flipping her tail out of the water and then we realized that there were lots of whales in the area. We watched as a pod of 2 mothers and 2 calves circled around and around. Other singles and pairs made themselves known by surfacing or spouting from their blow hole! We must have seen 10 different whales. And then the surfers showed up! We had a hard time trying to decide whether to watch the surfers or the whales, both were so entertaining!


Synchronized spouting!


Surfer in the foreground, whale in the middle.


Four whales playing in the currents.

As noon approached we returned to the car and decided to go to the Otway TreeTop Walk, something new for me, but certainly something I’ve seen advertised a good bit. This drive took us through lots of lush, green, rolling farmland with a variety of cattle dotting the hillsides.

We ate a quick lunch at the cafe at the TreeTop walk and then headed into the rainforest. A trail on the forest floor took us to a side trail that was a “prehistoric” trail, with good-sized dinosaur replicas tucked into the forest. It made for fun photos but we moved through it pretty quickly, anxious to get to the TreeTop walk. This walk is a 600 meter steel walkway that is 30 meters above the forest floor, in the canopy of the very tall eucalyptus trees. Now I knew that heights have never been Corey’s thing, but I didn’t know that Mike had these same feelings about heights. They both were very brave and walked the whole walk, including the outside, spiral staircase to a viewing tower. It was rather entertaining for me to watch these 2 hold on for dear life and mostly refuse to look over the edge to the forest floor! Neither of them let their fears and apprehensions get in the way of trying something new, but both were mighty happy when they had 2 feet firmly planted on the ground once again! It was a great walk!


A dinosaur peeking around a tree!


Corey and Mike heading out on the TreeTop walk.


Approaching the dreaded tower climb!


Hanging on for dear life at the top of the tower.


Maybe one peek over the edge won’t hurt!


Corey and Mike on the homestretch leg of the TreeTop walk.


Beautiful fern trees, one of my favorites, on the forest floor.

After the TreeTop walk, both boys were exhausted so we loaded back into the car and they napped for a bit while I drove home!

We have had a terrific 2 days along the southern coast of Victoria and look forward to more new adventures with the boys. Our friend, Liz, was supposed to arrive tomorrow morning, but after several delays and “on the plane, off the plane” episodes, her flight from LA to AU was cancelled and she will try again tomorrow for a Friday morning arrival. How frustrating!



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