The Boys Have Arrived!

Right on schedule, the boys, Corey and Mike, came through the security doors at the airport as planned! For those of you who don’t know my family, Corey is our youngest son and Mike is his friend and former college roommate. We are thrilled that they are here!

Because they arrived when they were supposed to (9:45 AM), we made a stop at the apartment before starting to be tourists. I drove them to the Brighton Beach Boxes and we enjoyed a very calm, quiet day along the shore of the bay, picking out our favorite boxes and marveling at the gaggle (?) of pelicans that was just off shore. The bay was full of big ships and we had a nice clear view back to the city skyline.




Corey and Mike testing out the bay water! It was cool!


The Brighton Beach Boxes.


Corey and Mike are in Australia!


Corey’s newest boxing partner.

We continued on to meet up with Jim for lunch at a pub near his work location. Lots of laughs there!


Three burgers with the works-a burger, lettuce, tomato, bacon, a fried egg and a slice of beet, which was promptly removed by the 3 guys!

I made the boys walk a lot after lunch because I could see the jet lag fatigue in their eyes. We walked to and through the Botanical Gardens, onto the Shrine of Remembrance, up into the CBD on St. Kilda Road, across a couple of Yarra River pedestrian bridges and then home along the Yarra River trail. 15,000 steps in all and they did great!


Corey and Mike along the Yarra River in the Melbourne CBD.

Jim got home and we enjoyed drinks and a cheese plate on the patio, catching up on the news from home. This was a warm day here (19 C., 66 F.) and mostly sunny, perfect for working out the jet lag.

Drinks on the veranda!

Drinks on the veranda!

Tomorrow is the day I head out the Great Ocean Road with Corey and Mike. Brace yourself for more crashing wave photos!

Corey brought me a box of Snyder’s pretzels, just as we finished up the pretzels that Tucker and Alison and the Tomasso’s gave us!

G’Day Mates!


2 comments on “The Boys Have Arrived!

  1. jeannie says:

    I would definitely remove the beet too!
    Here’s hoping for great waves!!!!

  2. Bob says:

    Beets are good for you!

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