Whale of a Weekend

This blog’s title pretty much summarizes this weekend! We saw more whales than we dared to hope for when we planned our weekend getaway. 

We left Portland under drizzly skies and drove to the Cape Bridgewater Bay area. Wind turbines were once again standing tall, guarding this beautiful coastline. We found an empty car park at the end of the road, which was fine with us. Our first walk was to an area called the Petrified Forest.


Cape Bridgewater limestone moonscape.



Petrified forest.

This wasn’t really a petrified forest but the rock formations gave the impression of a forest of tree stumps. These rock shelves are believed to have formed when acidic water seeped through the limestone, leaving these tree trunk like shells.


Shadow fun!

We then hiked to two different ocean overlooks and once again I was transfixed by the waves and rocks and what happens when one meets the other! While walking on the cliff edge trail, we spotted 3 different whales (a mother, a calf and a individual one) swimming and spouting along the shoreline. We also spotted a kangaroo in the distance and we wondered why s/he decided to live in this mostly barren limestone landscape. We had to keep moving because we had other stops to make and still get back to Melbourne before dark.


Crashing waves!


The back of one whale is visible on the right side of this photo.


One more crashing waves photo!

Our next stop was the trail to the Seal Colony along Bridgewater Bay. We read that there are up to 600 seals living on/in the rocks and caves along the headland of the bay,  and that there was a trail to an overlook of these rocks, so off we went. Rain threatened and we watched the showers move across the bay, but we remained dry, but quite wind-blown! Places along the hike reminded us of the first day of hiking on our England hike last summer. We were walking on lovely green, grass slopes as we moved up the headland with the ocean on one side of the trail and sheep and cows on the other. 


An interesting fact as we hiked along!


We didn’t get rained on, but enjoyed the benefit of rain in the area.

The seals were not as advertised and we saw 3 or 4 seals and one of those sightings may have been seaweed! We could not see into the caves as we were standing on the cliffs over the caves so that must be where they were all hiding! No walk is ever wasted and we enjoyed our time along the coast. 


Our best seal sighting, just off the upper left corner of the rock!

Once back in the car we made quick stops to walk on the Bridgewater Beach and to check out the Portland Lighthouse, which included a wonderful view of the wharf area of Portland. This port exports huge amounts of wood chips and aluminum! We saw mountains of wood chips and I may have to find out what the back story is on that!


Jim taking a photo down Bridgewater Beach.


Portland Lighthouse

Our last stop was back at Logan’s Beach in Warrnambool to have one last look for whales and we got lucky once again. We saw at least 6! A mother and calf were in fairly close and doing lots of rolls so we saw lots of fins waving at us! It was like they knew they were putting on a show for the big crowd that was gathered on what had become a mostly sunny afternoon! 


Fins from a mother and her calf.


A big fin wave as we were leaving!

We got serious about driving home after bidding farewell to the whales and arrived in Melbourne shortly after 5 PM. 

Now our mission is to get the laundry done and some things moved around so we are ready for Corey and Mike’s arrival tomorrow morning! Guess who’s excited!!!



Celebrating our hike to the ocean overlook!


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  1. Sally says:

    Say ‘hi’ to Corey!

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