Into the CBD

After a trip to Wooly’s (Woolworth’s, one of the grocery stores) first thing this morning, I walked into the CBD with a small list of things to do.


Beautiful flowers have been a part of the CBD all winter.

It was a beautiful morning for a walk and I always enjoy the 40 minutes it takes me to take the river trail downtown. The masses of bikers were already at work so the trail was  quiet and I was able to stop for a minute and watch the rowers on the river and take a few photos.


The Melbourne skyline.


Boathouse Row in the morning sunshine.

My first stop was at the wonderful Visitor’s Center to pick up a couple of books for our incoming guests and a guide for our road trip this weekend. Making this my first stop ended up being a tactical error because I got more literature than I planned and then I had to carry it around for the next few hours! Oh well, I looked at it as training for a carrying my  backpack.

I walked through some of the stores and bought a few things including a couple of Aussie Christmas ornaments. I was in David Jones, one of the large department stores, and I saw they had a Christmas section already! I found a kangaroo and koala ornament and each animal was wearing a Santa hat and decided those would be great souveniers. Many of the ornaments on our Christmas tree are from places we’ve travelled to and it is a pleasant walk down Memory Lane when we decorate the tree. When I paid for the ornaments the sales woman told me I was the first one to purchase holiday stuff because the Christmas section just opened up today!!


Aren’t they cute? They are about 3″ tall.

Before leaving the CBD I went to Dinkum Pies to buy some meat pies for our first dinner with Corey and Mike. Meat pies are truly Aussie tucker (food). They look like small pot pies, but the Aussie versions are smaller, are made with a very thick stew and meant to be eaten out of your hand. These are available in deli’s, bake shops, grocery stores and at sporting events. We try to make sure our guests have a chance to sample them so that will be our dinner on Monday night. Dinkum Pies has been in the CBD for many years and gets great reviews from people who know about these things. The pies have a pie crust base and are usually filled with a meat stew (beef, chicken, lamb). Sometimes there is a vegetarian option. Lots of people put tomato sauce (ketchup) on top of the pie.They are a quick and easy meal and we understand why they are so popular.


Dinkum Pies in the Block Arcade, Melbourne.


Famous Steak, Chicken Thai, and Chicken, Leek and Potato Pies.

I almost feel like a local because in the past couple of weeks 2 people have asked me for directions or help with the trams and I was able to answer their questions!! Today a young woman was waiting at the main tram stop in the CBD and asked me if I knew which tram went to Chapel Street, which happens to be the tram I ride. Then she asked me if I knew where a particular restaurant was on Chapel Street and I knew that too! I guess we’ve been here for a while!

One odd, unusual, different, (you pick the word) thing with Aussie TV is that shows do not necessarily start on the hour or half hour, like they do in the States. For example, the Ellen Show starts at 5:03 PM, the Footy Show started at 8:37 tonight. We have not gotten into too much Aussie programming except for sporting events and a cooking show. I frequently will have the Aussie Today show on in the morning and I enjoy seeing where the weather guy is each day, because there have been times when he is somewhere that I’ve been!

I’ve nattered on here long enough. Tomorrow we head west a bit and will be staying the night in Colac. There may or may not be a blog, which I guess could be said everyday!



2 comments on “Into the CBD

  1. Sally says:

    Thanks, as usual! The river walk looks greener, if possible, to me. You shared some different blooms the other day, but are there other signs of spring around the corner? Have a good weekend!

  2. joan vogt says:

    Love the Christmas ornaments! You beat us, haven’t seen any in the stores here yet.

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