The preparations have begun for Corey and Mike’s arrival:


A picture is worth 1,000 words!

I made a beer run today and supported some of the local breweries!

I also went to Phillippa’s, a local bakery, where I get the granola that we like and that has been a favorite of our guests. I need them to sell that granola in bags bigger than 450 grams!

Corey and Mike are bigger eaters than Jim and I and our larder is always pretty thin, so I need to stock up on things that they might like to eat. I was planning on doing some of this stocking up this weekend, but JIm and I just decided to take a short road trip this weekend, so tomorrow is my day to get ready.

On Friday afternoon, we will head farther west on the southern coast than we’ve ever been in the car. Our destination will be the town of Portland, on the coast, near to South Australia. We may try to stop in Warnambool to see if we can spot any whales. This name may be familiar because Jeannie, Britni and I spent a night in Warnambool on our Great Ocean Road trip and were lucky enough to see two sets of mother whales and their calves. We see regular reports on Facebook that the Southern Right Whales are still in the area, so we’ll see what we can see!

Tonight the 5th Ashes Test match starts on TV (cricket, vs. England) and Jim has become a big fan. This will keep him busy, when he is not on the phone, for the next 5 nights. I think he enjoys the game, but mostly I think he enjoys the challenge of trying to understand the rules and strategies of the game.

That’s all for now.

G’Day Mates!


One comment on “Preparations

  1. jeannie says:

    I love how you prepare for each of your guests in a special way that suits just them!!!!
    Thanks again for the wonderful time you showed Brits and me!

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