Almost a Historical House Tour

This afternoon I walked to the Como House, a walk of about 1.5k. The Como House has a long history here in Melbourne and it was supposed to be filled with antiques, and it was close to home so I made it my destination today. I also recently read on a local website that the Como House just opened a cafe in the old stables building on the property so I thought lunch and a house tour were a good idea.

I had a tasty lunch, something different, a high-fiber salad of spicy chickpeas, cauliflower, almonds, quinoa, feta cheese, baby spinach and balsamic dressing. It was a new combination to me and very delicious. Shortly after I arrived at the cafe, the lunch crowd started arriving and before too long, there was a wait for a table.


Yummy salad for lunch!

After lunch I walked around to the entrance of the house and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t opened today!


Como House.

There was a sign off to the side of the house that said something about being closed in preparation for a private event. So I walked around the gardens, enjoying the flowers that were in bloom. The Como House sits on a hill above the Yarra River and in its heyday, the Como House occupants owned the land right down to the river which supported a large orchard of apple and pear trees. Today that land is used as a bike path, a major road and a footy field! Here are some of the lovely flowers I saw at the garden.




Lilies in front of bamboo.



These may have been some type of azalea.

This last photo from the Como House garden is of a Moreton Fig Tree.


The base of a Moreton Fig tree.

I have put photos of the Moreton Figs in this blog before because they are one of my four favorite trees in Australia (the others being the Fern Tree, the Norfolk Pine and the Shredding Bark Eucalypts). The Moreton Fig is a massive tree and we have seen it all around Victoria and in some other parts of AU. I love how the truck forms buttresses that look like gigantic chicken feet where they meet the ground. These great trees have frequently been used to line walkways and their large canopy makes for a shady path. The buttresses are also great places to hide! Here are a few photos of Moreton Figs~see if you can find Jim in each of the photos! He is such a good sport!


This is like “Where’s Waldo?” on it’s “Where’s Jim?”



After Jim finished his morning phone call to the US today, we went to the car rental place and swapped our red car with the scrapes, for a shiny black Toyota Corolla hatchback. I have to get used to looking for a black car now in parking lots~the red one used to be pretty easy to find.

We are spending a good amount of time planning our trip to Tasmania when the 3 kids are here. There is so much we could see and do on that island, but so little time!

No blog tomorrow. It is a yoga and knitting group day.

G’Day Mates!


2 comments on “Almost a Historical House Tour

  1. Roger Flint says:

    Hi Marji, I understand from your parents that your stay in AU has been extended by three weeks. No doubt you will easily find plenty more to see and do! The lovely single bloom is not an azalea but a camellia. The fresh leaf growth on some species of camellia are harvested in India and elsewhere to give us our tea leaves when they are dried down.

    • marjirob says:

      Roger, you are right, the single bloom is a Camellia and we have enjoyed them is various shades of pink. I think the photo below that is an azalia bush, the one with lots of smaller, pretty pink flowers. I am not much of a botanist or gardener, so I could be all wrong! I do appreciate all the beauty of the flowers!

      Congratulations to the British on their latest cricket success! We are faithful viewers when it is on TV here!

      Thanks for reading the blog!

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