Lakes Entrance, Victoria


The Cavalia Big Top which was really white not green!

First a quick review of Cavalia, our night-out last night. After a train ride and a 20-minute walk to the Big Top, we had fabulous seats and enjoyed the 2.5 hour show. It was like a circus with the addition of amazing horse performances. There are 48 horses that travel with the Cavalia show, but I don’t know how many of them were in the show, it could have been all of them. The horses were very well trained and combine that with the acrobatic acts made it a fun-filled night. The time flew by which tells you how engaged we were with the whole show. We are grateful to Quest Apartments from providing us with the complimentary tickets.


Our apartment/hotel owners (Quest) were part sponsors of Cavaila.

 Our destination this weekend is Canberra, the capital of Australia. We left Melbourne just before noon heading due east to take the coastal/mountain route. We were near the coast, but never along the coast until we got to our overnight town of Lakes Entrance.

Lakes Entrance is about 300k from Melbourne and we drove most of it in the rain. We did enjoy the rural scenery with an occasional hill view or town scene thrown in to make it interesting.

There are a good number of inland lakes in this area and in 1889 an artificially created channel was dug to give ocean access to all these lake, hence the name Lakes Entrance. This also is the town associated with nearby Ninety Mile Beach.  Lakes Entrance sits on the Cunningham Arm inlet and on the other side of the inlet is the strip of land and sand that forms the Ninety Mile Beach. After checking into our motel, we walked over the footbridge connecting the main land to the beach and took in the ocean views. It is a lovely, long beach and we could see why this is such a popular spot in the summer months. We were the only ones on the beach, as far as we could see!


Ninety Mile Beach looking west.


Ninety Mile Beach looking east.

As we walked back across the footbridge we could see the edge of the cloudbank off to the west, which gave us hope for Saturday’s weather.  We continued our tour of the town by walking along the marinas that host the largest fishing fleet in Victoria. The boats and nets made for some colorful photos.


Some of the fishing fleet in Lakes Entrance.


An artsy photo of the fishing fleet.

 As we drove into town this afternoon we noticed some large woodcarvings along the esplanade. As we walked along the inlet, we were able to get up close to the woodcarving and learn their history. In 1924, twenty-six Monterey Cyprus trees were planted to honor the 26 local servicemen who lost their lives in WWI. In the late 1990’s these trees started to lose major limbs and became a safety hazard. It was decided to cut them down and have a local woodcarver sculpt monuments from the stumps. Each of the carvings depicts a person or people that were involved in or affected by the war. The carvings are very well done and a lovely use of the memorial trees. Seeds from the original trees have been re-planted and are growing another generation of memorial trees. It is a good story!


One of the woodcarvings.


Another woodcarving in Lakes Entrance. 

As we were walking back to our car, the setting sun peaked out from under the retreating cloudbank and bathed the harbor area in golden, late afternoon sun. We quickly ran across the street to get closer to the water and the boats and captured a few photos before the sun disappeared. It was magical light!


A magical moment with the sun!

We are in a small, local motel that seemed like a really good deal and got good reviews on TripAdvisor. Everything about the place is good except that their internet is not working and the people at the reception desk don’t know how to make it work. So, this blog will be posted on Saturday (hopefully). One selling point of this place is that they provide a cooked breakfast as part of the $85 charge for the night. Our room has this little door that opens from the outside and this is where our breakfast is delivered in the morning! I’ll get photos when that happens!

So we are flipping between the cricket and Friday night footy on the telly. Jim has fallen asleep on the sofa after a late night last night and getting up super early to start his morning phone calls at 5 AM!

We’ll be on the road fairly early tomorrow because I think we still have 5 hours of driving to get to Canberra and we want to see some of the Canberra attractions tomorrow afternoon.


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