A Little Rain, a Little Sun!

Yesterday it was a cold and miserable day here and the forecast was for more of the same today. However, the weather people got it very wrong and it has been a bright and sunny day~what a pleasant surprise! Poor Jim rode his bike home in the rain and cold last night and was as wet as you can get by the time he arrived at the apartment. And we had a cold, wet walk to and from our anniversary restaurant last night. But today has been another story and the Melbournites are loving it!

Tonight we are going to Cavalia, the horse show, with our complimentary tickets. I will not be able to take photos so click here to see a short promotional clip of the show. We will take the train to the far side of the CBD and then we have a short walk to the big, white tents where the show is held.

We have spent the past 2 days doing lots of research about upcoming excursions away from Melbourne. Tomorrow Jim and I will head to Canberra (pronounced Can-bra), the capital of Australia. There are 2 routes to get there, one along the coast and through the inland mountains and the other route on an in-land expressway. We will drive Friday afternoon and Saturday morning along the coastal/mountain route (10 hours of driving), spend the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday in Canberra before taking the expressway (8 hours) home on Monday. We plan to visit the Deep Space Communication Complex and a couple of national museums while we are there.

Our other research as been for when our youngest son, Corey, his friend, Mike and a friend to all of us, Liz, are here for a visit at the end August. It looks like we will be taking a 5 day trip to Tasmania, flying into Hobart, driving cross the island state and flying home from Launceston. It should be a great trip with beautiful scenery!


My new scarf!

I finished knitting a white wool/cashmere scarf and I am calling it my Mt. Wellington scarf because lace pattern of the scarf reminds me of the ice on the fencing on Mt. Wellington. See for yourself!


Ice on Mt. Wellington


My scarf.

As a follow-up to the cricket report. The Ashes is a 5 match competition and England won the first 2 tests, or matches. When the third test was cancelled because of rain, Australia was winning, but because that match was cancelled, there was no way Australia could win the last 3 tests, therefore England retained possession of the prized Ashes trophy. I still think that it is too bad that the 3rd test could not have been completed when the rain cleared, but that is the way the rules are written and I guess the English and the Australians all understand this. Today a controversy arose about the batsmen (both British and Aussies) putting silicone on their bats to prevent the technology that detects when the slightest contact between bat and ball from working accurately. This sounds like a scandal that would occur in the US!

G’Day Mates!


3 comments on “A Little Rain, a Little Sun!

  1. ttaber2@rochester.rr.com says:

    How was your Anniversary dinner? LOVE your new scarf!!! It does favor the ice pattern on Mt. Wellington! You are so clever!

  2. Rita says:

    Love your scarf: simple and pretty, and snowy white, like the cool fence ice! I’m loving my ‘ordinary summer’, and I love the contrast with your new-adventure-everyday summer (or winter there, right?).

  3. Sue Rimore says:

    Oh, the Cavalia horse show looks awesome…..

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