Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today is our 36th anniversary and who ever would have thought that we would be celebrating it Down Under!!! There is a French restaurant on Toorak Road that we have walked or driven by many times and it is always busy. We decided to have a celebratory dinner there, but when I called yesterday to get a booking for tonight, I was told that they were fully booked! So we booked a table for two for tomorrow night.

I want to make a comment about all the wonderful comments that many of the readers of this blog make. I frequently reply to these comments and I assumed that the original comment writer was seeing my reply in his or her e-mail. Apparently this will only happen if the writer checks a box or does something to indicate their preference to receive my reply as an e-mail. I believe all my replies show up in the list of comments on any given blog. And thanks again for your comments, Jim and I enjoy reading them.

Yesterday after yoga I went for another bike ride after enjoying Sunday’s ride so much. I decided to do the Capital City Loop, which I have done before, and have lunch at the Children’s Farm Cafe. I got about 4 miles from home when the rain started so I ducked under the overhanging roof of the Melbourne Convention Center. The rain was short lived so I continued on. I learned an important lesson on this ride and that was to take my biking map, even if I know where I am going. Yesterday a small section of the trail was closed for bridge repair work and the detour map was very confusing, even to the locals who were also trying to figure out where to go. But I successfully navigated the detour and saw some new scenery.

Here is a photo of the large French Fry that is precariously positioned over the freeway. I’ve posted a photo of this before, but I never realized how close I came to it on this bike loop. I guess on previous rides I was too busy trying to find my way to look around!


The Freeway French Fry!

I also finally got a photo on yesterday’s ride of a favorite section of the trail. I love how the planners chose to save a tree and make the trail go on either side of it!


Watch out for the tree!

Today ended up being a much nicer day than originally forecasted so I walked a lot. I went to the CBD with a short list of things to do and get. My first stop was at the Immigration Museum on the recommendation of one of Jim’s Aussie co-workers. And it was excellent. I started by watching a 15 minute video about the different reasons people came to Australia. A timeline of the history of Australian immigration filled the walls of one large room and displays of personal stories  filled the floor space.


Immigration Museum

Another room had a large ship-like display that showed the conditions of ship life for the earliest immigrants to more modern-day ocean going accommodations. There were displays of all the skills that immigrants brought to Australia and the contributions of different cultures.  The museum was well done and I would take Jim there if the opportunity arises.

From the museum, I walked back to the heart of the CBD to stop at a tea room in one of the laneways for lunch. I have walked by the Hopetoun Tea Room several times and each time I had to stop and look longingly at their display of desserts in their window. I ate a bowl of lamb and vegetable soup and then for dessert tried their Apple Strudel. A pot of tea went along with the whole meal. It was all very tasty. I brought home 2 pieces of Apple/Blueberry Crumble for our anniversary dessert, but they were not as good as my Apple Strudel.


Who could resist??!!

Before leaving the CBD I bought some travel books for New Zealand and Fiji! Something to look forward to maybe!

Since I walked to and from the CDB, I now have over 20,000 steps on my pedometer. That’s a good day!

As  you know we have become big footy fans, but more recently we have become fans of cricket too. This is because Australia has been in a big competition with England called The Ashes and we’ve been able to watch the 5-day matches, called tests, on TV in the evenings. Now here are some terms we’ve had to learn before we could even begin to understand the game: wicket, overs, bowler, lbw, baggy green, carry, come to the crease. There are similarities to baseball, but some significant differences. And the big difference is that we do not break for tea in baseball! But we’ve enjoyed trying to figure out how the game is played and have come to appreciate the sport and its players. However, Australia lost The Ashes because yesterday’s test was cancelled because of the rain! What’s up with that? Such an important event and it is determined by the weather! If I was a serious fan, that would really upset me! Australia and England will play again here in AU in December and the matches are already sold out!

The political news has been interesting since we’ve been here. A few weeks ago the Prime Minister was ousted and a new one took over. Actually the new guy was Prime Minister a few years back and he has made a return. He has called for an election for September 7th so we’ll get to see what that involves. I believe that the Australian people elect a political party to run the country and the elected party selects the Prime Minister. It should be interesting!



8 comments on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. I live in Australia 🙂 , I remember when that ‘french fry’ was built, i was quite young then and it really had me amazed and confused, I’m glad you enjoyed the immigration museum – I also love the museums here and art galleries, the Melbourne museum is quite good too 🙂

  2. Tony Vodacek says:

    Happy Anniversary to you! From Tony and Ann. Great reading about your adventures.

  3. Jerry Vogt says:

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Roger Flint says:

    Happy Anniversary.

    The cricket Test Match in England was not cancelled due to rain. The match was declared a draw because rain stopped play on the final day. England were already two matches up in the five match series so cannot lose the ashes even if they lose the final two Tests. Trust that is clear.

  5. Roger Flint says:

    Have you ever handled a cricket ball? If not then you are in for a surprise because it is extremely hard compared with a baseball. That is why most batsmen wear a cricket box to protect the”family jewels”!!!

  6. jeannie says:

    Yes, sadly Cricket is over but Brits and I got to watch Bowling while we were getting ready to go to the Opera!—and Happy Anniversary!

  7. Sally says:

    Are there immigrant stories from other than Europeans, Americans, Canadians?

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