Quiet Sunday

This morning we drove J&B to the airport so they could catch their flight to Sydney where they will spend a few days. Our time with them went so quickly and we had such fun with them. We are always glad when friends and family come to visit and we can share this wonderful place with them.

But, as when all our visitors leave, we were exhausted. The planning, the touring, the early mornings and late nights all catch up with us so we had a fairly quiet day here. We did chat with the parents which is always a treat and I chatted with my nephew on Facebook!

I took a video while in the helicopter over the Twelve Apostles/Great Ocean Road coast and you can click here if you want to see it.  


We decided that an afternoon bike ride was in order so we carried took our bikes down on the elevator and rode towards downtown. We were surprised when we discovered that the bike trail along the Yarra River was flooded in a couple of places. There has been a good amount of rain here lately and the tide must have been in, but we could tell by the debris fan that the water had been higher over the bike trail very recently.


The flooded bike trail along the Yarra River.


We road to the Docklands precinct (section) of the city and seeing some spots for the first time. There was some interesting public art and lots of construction that closed off some of the streets.


Public art – this installation represented the river and city meeting up with the water in the port and ocean.


Art in the Docklands.

We decided to check out exactly where the horse show Cavalia is located because we may be going to that this week. We have seen lots of advertisement around the city for this show and even in our hotel there is a big billboard. Apparently some of the performers and staff with Cavalia are staying in our hotel/apartment building. I have ridden the elevator with a couple of them, talking to them about the show, hoping they would offer some complimentary tickets, but no luck. Then, we got a letter from the owner of our apartment saying that because we were such good customers, they were giving us 2 free tickets to a weeknight show. Jim has put the wheels in motion to make that happen. So today we rode by the huge, white circus-type tents where the show is held. Watch the blog for the details after we attend but if you are curious, click here to go to a website about the show.


Cavalia sign in the show’s parking lot.

We enjoyed some of the street performers that were out in force in the Southgate area. As we were heading back, the rain started to fall so we rode the last 3 miles quicker than the first 8. 


We lazed away the afternoon watching footy and I finished knitting a scarf. I’ll show photos of that another time. 

During our travels recently, we’ve seen lots of wattle trees in bloom. There are a variety of species of Wattles and they grow in all states of Australia. The ones we’ve been seeing are Golden Wattles and they bloom in the spring, which is why we are starting to see them. And they are beautiful and certainly add a splash of color to any landscape. Here are a couple of photos of Wattle trees and their blossoms.


Wattle blossoms


Jeannie getting an up close shot of the wattle trees near the Grampians.

I’ve started checking out a new-to-me website about Melbourne and today there was an article about a very popular mobile hot dog vendor who just opened a storefront place on Chapel Street, near us. The name of the place (and their food truck) is Massive Wieners and we just had to try it! 


Here is their menu. 


We ordered Average Joe’s (mine with kraut), fries and Jim had a milkshake.



The meal was good and the price was right. The place had a few places to sit and was very minimally decorated. Mostly the walls had photos of the people who successfully ate the legendary 25″ wiener and the time they took to do it. I think the record is just over 2 minutes!


Wiener Hall of Fame!

Our entertainment while we ate our 6″ Average Joe’s was provided by 2 guys who sampled some of the hot chili sauce that was available to go on weiners or fries. The Wiener-Miester said that it was the 2nd hottest sauce made in the world and it nearly killed these two guys who just tasted some off of a toothpick! One guy called it “edible fire” and the other guy said it tasted like petrol!! No one else in the place wanted to try it after seeing the reaction of these 2 guys! But we had fun and enjoyed our Sunday supper at Massive Wieners! 

Back to work tomorrow for Jim and back to yoga for me. If the weather cooperates, I may get out on my bike again. It felt good to be riding today!

G’Day Mates!


4 comments on “Quiet Sunday

  1. Bonnie says:

    Hi Marji, I continue to enjoy reading your blog…thanks so much for sharing your trip! I am trying to understand your weather, you mentioned spring in this blog. How cold does it get in the winter which I would assume you are in now? Do you have snow being on the southern part of the country? You’ve mentioned rain but wondering if it’s like the Carolina’s in the winter? Bonnie

    • marjirob says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      No Snow in Melbourne, but enough in the mountains of eastern Victoria and New South Wales for skiing. Yes, I guess the Melbourne winters are like the Carolinas. Thanks for reading! Marji

  2. jeannie says:

    Internet here out in the hall from a woolworths down the street.

    Thanks again for everything you did to make our stay awesome!

  3. Roger Flint says:

    Hi Marji. What a coincidence with you visiting the Grampians in Australia and we are visiting our daughter Christine in Aberdeen, Scotland in the Grampians. Then again you went to see the MacKenzie falls and we were having coffee with Christine’s close friend Rosie MacKenzie. It’s a small world!


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