A Sunny Day for a Lap Around the Bay

After a brief thunder and lightening storm last night, J&B and I headed out this sunny, clear morning for a lap around Port Phillip Bay. Some of you may remember that Jim and I did this trip a week or so ago. Today some things were the same, but there were a few different things.

First different thing was that I did not have Sheila on my windshield as my navigator. Jeannie assumed those duties but she refused to adhere herself to my dashboard! She did a great job, especially since I wanted to stay off the freeway and take the roads that were closest to the bay.

Our first stop of the morning was for gas and coffee to fill up the car and Britni. We drove south and east along the bay to the town of Frankston where we took a break to walk the pier. It was a lovely morning, with minimal wind. But we had miles to go before we could sleep so it was back in the car to Point Nepean National Park at the tip of Port Phillip.


Frankston Pier

We did a quick walk around the buildings that once served as a quarantine station for immigrants and later as army barracks. From there we took the bus to the very tip of the peninsula where we got great views of the ocean and the bay. We walked around to see the various tunnels and gun emplacements that were integral in WWI and WWII.


Buildings at Point Nepean.


Decontamination chamber for immigrant’s belongings at Point Nepean.


Gentle waves lapping at the exposed rocks at Point Nepean.


Love the Caribbean blue of the bay water!


Looking back on the Mornington Peninsula with the bay on the left and the ocean on the right.

We needed to get ourselves across the mouth of the bay and the only way to do that with the car was to buy a ticket on the Sorrento to Queenscliff ferry. It was a great day to cross the bay as the water was calm and the wind inconsequential. Once back on land in Queenscliff we headed for the Rolling Pin, the lunch place that Jim and I found on our lap that serves up the best meat pies in Australia! And we once again were not disappointed.


Almost a private ferry!

Point Lonsdale was next in our sights and our stop there included a walk on the pier, a hike up to the lighthouse and a stroll on the beach. Again, it was a perfect day to be by the water.


Point Lonsdale pier.


From the pier back towards the lighthouse at Point Lonsdale.


Fun in the rock art.


From the beach back towards the other side of the lighthouse.

 One thing I love to see when I am down by the bay is the HUGE ships that come and go out of the port of Melbourne. I was hoping that today I would get to see a ship or two a bit closer as we were on the 2 points of land that form the opening to the bay or while crossing the bay on the ferry. But no, once again there were no ships! And I was told that this is the busiest port in all of Australia with about 20 ships coming and going per day! Where are the ships???? There were no ships on the Sunday I was here with Jim and no ships today! What’s up??

Geelong was our last stop and we walked the pier and along the waterfront so J&B could see the bollards.


A sea bird at Geelong.


The Beach Beauties!

We arrived at 604 at 6:05PM and a pork chop dinner was on the table at 7:07 PM. Not too bad.

 We had a first tonight as the smoke detector went off in our apartment (and it had nothing to do with me cooking dinner!). We think the combination of running the dryer and 3 of the 4 burners on the stove must have been too much for the sensors. It is good to know the detectors work!

Tomorrow J&B and I are taking a quick morning trip to the CBD and then going to Philip Island to see the penguins. 

One more artsy photo:


Rocks and waves.



7 comments on “A Sunny Day for a Lap Around the Bay

  1. jeannie says:

    I’m 1st!

  2. Roger Flint says:

    The sea bird is a Pied Cormorant.

  3. ttaber2@rochester.rr.com says:

    Looks like a picture perfect day with lots of sunshine! I love the sunlight heart on your fleece, Marji in the picture at the Point Lonsdale Pier. I always knew you had a BIG heart!!!

  4. Katie says:

    Just noticed the heart on my second read through. LOVE it!

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