You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed to Be!

Today’s blog title is the saying that Jeannie found in the wrapper of her Dove chocolate piece. We thought it was perfect! J&B are exactly where they are supposed to be and we are so glad to have them here.

Our A.I.S time (an Everybody Loves Raymond TV show reference) was 8:30 AM and we beat that by pulling out of the parking garage at 8:26 AM. We were off to a good start. Our destination was to the Cape Schanck light station (lighthouse) and then do some exploring of that eastern part of the Mornington Peninsula. Today was a cloudy, windy day, but we never got rained on and the temps were about 13 degrees C. (55 degrees F.). 


Cape Schanck light station.

A big surprise was in order when we started hiking at Cape Schanck and that was that the tide was at its lowest point and the beaches looked so different from when we were there with Bob and Sally. What fun we had exploring all the rock shelves and tide pools that were hidden from us during our earlier visit! Even though the wind was howling, the ocean was fairly calm so I don’t have any crashing wave pictures. Sorry! Here are “before and after” photos of looking down on Pebble Beach from the boardwalk.


In June. . .


In July.

The tide pools were fun to explore and we found some star fish and anemones. The rocks were not slippery to walk upon which was a pleasant surprise.  


A beautiful tide pool.



Here is another set of “before and after” photos from when we were at Pulpit Rock beach with Bob and Sally and then today with J&B. 


In June with Sally and Bob. . .


In July with Jeannie and Britni.

We spent a lot of time walking these beaches before climbing up the stairs and ramps of the boardwalk to get back to the car to continue our tour of the peninsula. Jeannie had read some of the tour books that we left for her in the guest room and she saw something about a maze and garden that sounded interesting. Mazes seem to be a popular attraction here in Australia  because we have seen a variety of them advertised in our travels around this country. So today was the day to check one out. but, before we got to the maze we discovered the pier in the town of Flinders so we had to stop and walk out into the ocean.


Upper and lower decks of the Flinder’s Pier.

Finally we went to the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden, oldest and largest hedge maze in Aussie-land. We paid our $17.50 entry fee and headed for the first of 2 hedge mazes.


A photo of the aerial view of the mazes.

The challenge in the hedge mazes, in addition to finding your way through it, was to locate 4 ceramic tiles that were placed near each of the corners of the maze. We were successful on both challenges and documented the each tile we found. The hedges were about 9-10 feet high and so dense that you couldn’t see through them. If you lost someone in your group, you could call out their name and follow voices to re-connect. The paths through the hedges were about 24 inches wide and there were some blind turns and lots of dead ends. We had great fun!


One of the tiles we had to find.


Wrong way, Jim!


There you are!

After completing the 2 hedge mazes, we moved on to the rose garden maze (only a couple of blooms on the bushes) and then onto the lavender maze, which was still a light shade of purple. The surrounding gardens were full of interesting trees and shrubs. 

By now it was approaching 2 PM and you may have noticed that there was no mention of lunch. That’s because we were too busy, and there was always one more thing to see and do! But our next stop was a winery that had a cafe.

Our guide book outlined the services of the many wineries in this area so we picked one that served food.

We picked the right place because in addition to being a winery with a cafe and a restaurant, there was a walking track that went through the vineyards to a bunch of different sculptures. We ate our lunch at an outside table, overlooking the gardens and vineyards~a lovely setting. After pizza and wine for lunch we went on a  sculpture tour and enjoyed the walk as well as the art. 


Grounds of the Montalto Winery.


Not the Big Bird we know!


Binary language sculpture.

Our final stop at the winery was the Cellar Door (the Aussie term for a tasting room). Jim, J&B tasted while I took some photos. I was the designated driver.


A sip of this and a sip of that!

So I drove everyone home, where we had a salmon dinner with snake beans and salad. We discovered snake beans at the market yesterday and decided to give them a try. Here is a photo of the beans.


Snake beans.

They tasted like green beans!

Tomorrow Jim returns to work and J&B and I will do the lap around the bay. 




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