The Market, the Beach, the Footy!

We had a full day here with our newest arrivals. Jeannie and Britni (from here on out, known as J&B) had a good night’s sleep and were raring to go this morning.

 We went downtown to the Queen Victoria Market. The “Queen Vic” has been in operation for over 100 years and takes up a couple of city blocks. We started our tour by walking through the clothing and souvenir section of the market. J&B were impressed with the wide variety of everyday items as well as unusual and unique things. We stopped to admire the sheep and kangaroo hides as well as the wig display, which included a rainbow of color choices!


Britni admiring all the wig choices. We couldn’t convince her to buy one!

 We continued past the live chickens into the meat and seafood building. This is always an impressive place to first time visitors as vendors are standing in the aisles shouting out their specials for the day and every part of cows, lambs, pigs and goats is for sale! It is actually quite educational if you can get past the “yuck” factor! We bought some pork chops ($6.99/kg) and some salmon fillets ($26.99/kg).


What’s your favorite?

 We proceeded into my favorite area the cheese, deli and bakery section. And we bought some cheese, sliced ham for sandwiches and a couple of bagels. We bought a Spicy Lamb Borek, which is a lamb mixture with spices and veggies wrapped inside a pastry crust and served hot. I believe it is a Turkish pastry and we all sampled the one we bought and declared it, “delicious!”

Because we bought some meat items we needed to make a stop at home to get our cold stuff into the refrigerator. This also provided me an opportunity to provide lunch to out guests. Apparently I have a reputation of getting so caught up in my tour guide responsibilities that I forget to give our visitors some lunch. So let it be known that J&B have now had lunch 2 days in a row!



Our afternoon destination was the St. Kilda area and Middle Brighton Beach. I wanted to show J&B the Brighton Beach Boxes and we realized that Jim had never been there either. They were as lovely as usual, and we took lots of photos and had some fun with them! We walked around the whole shoreline of Middle Brighton Beach enjoying the tide pools that were revealed by the low tide.


Middle Brighton Beach Boxes


Wow! Britni is good!


Having some fun!


Britni loves the black swans!


Tide pools are always interesting.

 We drove to another car park so we could walk along the boardwalk and out the St. Kilda Pier. This is such a beautiful area and makes it enjoyable to explore for bikers, walkers, runners, and skateboarders, young and old. We stopped to look at the skateboard park, which was seeing lots of use. So many towns make skateboarding a crime when they should be building facilities for kids to safely skateboard and develop their skills. St. Kilda has a first-class facility for kids and it was fun to watch the kids zip up, down and all around the park’s features.


St. Kilda’s skatepark

Our afternoon was fading away and we needed to head to the MCG for a footy game. We knew we could buy tickets just before the game started because one of the better teams (Collingwood) was playing the last place teams, who hadn’t won yet this season (Great Western Sydney). We were pleasantly surprised when the game was competitive up until the fourth quarter when Collingwood pulled away for a convincing win. There were also lots more people at the game than we thought there’d be with an attendance of over 32,000 people. J&B seem to be new footy fans and really got into the game! Please note that I did not provide dinner at the game but everyone made their own choice to drink a beer and eat almost a pound of pretzels (that J&B brought to AU).


Love the footy!


Bundled up at the game. About 50 degrees F., with a breeze and we were sitting on cold seats!

 Tomorrow we are planning to go to Cape Schank, where we went with Bob and Sally, and then do some winery tours on the Mornington Peninsula.


A good AU photo! Thanks Jeannie!


G’Day Mates!


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  1. Sally says:

    Looks bright and chilly!

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