The Guest Room is Occupied!

They made it! After a short delay in Sydney, Jeannie and Britni arrived here just before noon! I was at the airport to pick them up and we drove to where Jim is working and all went to lunch together! It is great to see them both!


Jeannie and Britni looking so happy to be Down Under!

They brought the sun with them and after a quick stop at the apartment we went for a walk to the Botanical Gardens. The late afternoon shadows provided some lovely views across the gardens. I haven’t been to the Botanical Gardens in a few weeks and it was interesting to see what is now in bloom. The trees and birds were of interest to Jeannie and Britni, especially the Moreton Fig Trees and the black swans and kookaburras.


Britni hiding behind a huge Moreton Fig Tree.


Checking out the black swan at the Botanical Gardens.

Jeannie and Britni brought us some treats~pretzels, dark chocolate and a Tennessee specialty: Moonshine! And not just any old moonshine, apple-pie flavored moonshine! When Jim got home we toasted their arrival with shots of moonshine in our champagne glasses! We have no shot glasses, but we do have 6 champagne flutes and 6 wine glasses!





Tonight there is a big, important footy game on TV so Jeannie and Britni are getting an idea of how the game is played. We may try to get tickets to a game at the MCG tomorrow afternoon.  

I’m sure our guests will be turning in early tonight, but Jim and I will be up until the last whistle blows in the footy game!

G’Day Mates!


I finally saw the Geelong Bollard that welcome visitors to the Melbourne airport.


2 comments on “The Guest Room is Occupied!

  1. Sally says:

    I love that set of Bollards! So glad to see the relatives in the same pictures with you and Jim!

  2. joan vogt says:

    I too love the Bollards. Assume they are made of wood? So clever!

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