What, Downtown Again?!

Yes, I was downtown again, but to some places that I hadn’t been to before. But for putting 22,000-plus steps on my pedometer, I guess I really didn’t do that much new and exciting.

I did get my haircut again, because it was in my eyes. It is shorter this time and I am anxious to see what I will do with it after I wash it!


The newest cut.

I took the #8 tram to the CBD again after lunch today, but then did something new – I transferred to the #70 tram – all by myself! This tram took me to the Harbor Town shopping area and after one hour I was done. I did buy something fun though – an inflatable kangaroo. I don’t know what I am going to do with it, but someday I will be glad I have it!

There were a couple of noteworthy things at the Harbor Town, the first one being a pile of snow for children to play on! Yes, I was surprised to see this and the adults were playing with it as much as their children were!


Banners all around announced that there was snow in Harbor Town!!!!



Snow! Notice the winter coats on the folks~it must have been 50 degrees F.


As a snow expert, I had to check it out and it wasn’t bad for manmade snow.

Second was I got up close to the huge seatless-ferris wheel. We have seen this humongous wheel every time we have come in and out of the city on the west side and always wondered about it. There were never any seats or passenger pods to sit in to ride it and it was never working. Jim got the scoop on this landmark from the guys at work. Apparently some developer had this 394-foot ferris wheel built as a tourist attraction for this shopping area in December of 2008. It was operational for about 40 days when it was initially thought that the summer heat caused the metal on the ferris wheel to expand, cracking all the welds, forcing the closing of this giant. Later investigation put the cause of death as a design problem, and that could mean anything! Whatever the reason, there have been a couple of attempts made to repair it and that is the stage it is going through today. I stood near the base of the big wheel, in the shopping area, and got to look straight up at it. There were men working on the wheel as I took this photo. 


The Melbourne Star, or white elephant!

From Harbor Town I took the very crowded free City Circle tram back to the CBD. The tram was mostly full of the Liverpool soccer fans for tonight’s big game. I walked around the CBD, checking out a new (to me) yarn store that my research identified. It was a lovely shop with lots of yummy yarn. I didn’t buy any!


CBD yarn shop.


The roof over one of the unique laneways in the CBD.

I took my chances that the rain would hold off while I walked home and it did. The soccer fans were out in force in Federation Square and I know that they were soccer fans because they were all wearing red shirts or scarves and there were groups of fans, mostly men, mostly in the adjoining bars, singing the Liverpool team song! It was lively!

Tomorrow I have yoga and then I need to go grocery shopping before our guests arrive. I may have a reputation of being a hostess with minimal food in the apartment! I will try to do better this time when Jim’s sister, Jeannie and her daughter, Britni, are our guests. They arrive on Friday and the excitement is building here in apartment 604!

A few of you have asked about the Aussie’s reaction to the Royal Baby! Well, I assume that nothing else happened in the world after that little guy was born because there was no other news, besides baby news, hours  and  hours of baby news!! When I was in the Pandora store yesterday, I was told that I could buy the limited edition of the royal baby carriage bead/charm in honor of the baby’s birth. This bead is only available in the UK, Australia and Canada. I am very happy for Will and Kate and the British folks, but I passed on the bead!



3 comments on “What, Downtown Again?!

  1. Anne Y says:

    I love your new haircut-very stylish!
    Regarding wines from Australia, I would like to mention a modestly priced one that I like-Linderman Bin 65 Chardonnay which is owned by Treasury Wine Estates. According to its Website,it is located in Barossa Valley, Coonawarra in South Australia.

  2. joan vogt says:

    Oh, that yarn shop! I would have gone nuts in there. Love the new haircut!

  3. ttaber2@rochester.rr.com says:

    I love your new haircut! I think you are looking very thin, so it is a good idea to stock your frig! :)It must be all those steps you are doing every day. It makes sense to me to wear a winter coat if it is 50 degrees. I almost needed mine today because we were in the low 60s. Ha!

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