Perth-the Most Isolated Big city in the World

July 13, 2013

Today marks the third month of our Aussie adventure and what a 3 months it has been! I am amazed at all we’ve been able to see and do in that time. We are both very grateful for this opportunity. To all the faithful readers of this blog I say, “Thank you” for following along. Your comments and “likes” keep me writing!

I had a much better sleep last night on the train and awoke to a blanket of fog covering the outback. But as we approached the outskirts of Perth, the sun burned it off, which was a good thing as Jim’s plane was scheduled to land here at 11:15 AM.

One more delicious breakfast in the dining car and clearance from the fruit and vegetable inspectors and I was disembarking at the Perth train station! Perth-can you believe it? It has always sounded so faraway but here I am!

I shared a cab with a woman I met in the train and was able to check into my hotel room at 10:00 AM! I then walked a half mile to the car rental place where I picked up a red Holden/Ford Cruz. I put Sheila on the front window and she got me to the Perth airport where Jim’s plane was on time! I missed my traveling partner and was happy to see him come through the Arrivals door!

We decided that we really should go to the Perth beaches and put our feet in the Indian Ocean! Plus it was a warm, sunny day today with rain in the forecast for the next couple of days. We stopped at 3 or 4 beaches and walked along the trails connecting some of the beaches. While driving we noticed lots of people, tents and flags by one beach and decided to check it out. We found a surfing competition going on so we sat on the cliff above the beach and watch surfers trying to catch the good waves and then make the most of their rides. It was fun to watch.

We went back to our hotel in Perth’s CBD, got Jim’s stuff into the room and then went for a walk down to the Swan River pier area. Perth does not sit on the ocean, but rather a couple of kilometers up the Swan River. Our views back on the downtown area were impressive.

I truly enjoyed my train journey. It was a very relaxing way to travel and the train staff took very good care of me and the other passengers. I met lots of interesting people and enjoyed the time we shared. And the scenery was spectacular as well as the human interest stories that go along with that harsh scenery. There is one other Australian train trip I may take and that is between Adelaide and Darwin. I have to get serious about booking that trip. I think that the train schedule may work so that I arrive on a Friday night and Jim could fly to Darwin to spend a long weekend with me in that Northern Territory city.

Tomorrow we head south to the Margaret River area. This region is famous for its wines and its beautifully rugged ocean cliffs.

Here are some photos for our day.










7 comments on “Perth-the Most Isolated Big city in the World

  1. Beannie Tomasso says:

    As always, your writing keeps me wanting to hear more. I miss you guys already. I am so glad that you are exploring as much of Australia as you can. You guys are amazing! By the way, I seem to be back to sleeping after just one night of no sleep. I am keeping active as you suggested and it is working!!!!!

  2. Ann says:

    Tony and I have a friend who grew up in Perth. Two of his comments stuck out to me. He and his young friends liked to chant “Perth, Perth, the greatest place on Earth!” 🙂 His second reflection is that they ran around all summer without shoes and spent most of their year-round time right along the ocean.

  3. Eileen Alley says:

    Loving your posts! You are looking great and relaxed. Way to enjoy you retirement!!

  4. Jerry Vogt says:

    I keep thinking you will want to find a way to copy all of this to your computer when you get home and store it on a dvd for a permanent album of your adventures. Some day, they will undoubtedly delete it all from the servers years from now.

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