Riding the Rails-Sunrise to Sunset

Today my cross-country adventure began! Before the sun came up I was pulling my suitcase up Claremont Street to get to the train station right behind our apartment building. Although we are fairly competent riding the trams, we have never ventured onto the local trains, until this morning at 6 AM when I found Platform 5 at the South Yarra station for the City Loop train. This train took me to the domestic train station, Southern Cross, in the CBD.

All went well and by 7 AM I had my luggage checked and saw that my train, The Overland, was at the Southern Cross station and scheduled to depart on schedule at 8:05 for Adelaide. I had time to buy a cup of tea and to walk around in and outside the station. I was glad to get some steps as my train ride was 10.5 hours with not too many places to walk!

I had a Red Premium ticket and when I boarded the train I was pleased to see that in the “premium” carriages (cars) the seats were grouped with 2 on one side of the aisle and single seats on the other side. I had a single seat, on the left side of the train with lots of leg room and a clear view out of a large window. I easily settled in for the first leg of my train journey.

The train began the 828k trip to Adelaide right on schedule. It was another sunny day, which only enhanced the beauty of the scenery that passed my window. I saw literally thousands of sheep and lots of little lambs, prancing around huge, green grassy fields. I also saw cattle, goats, some alpacas. For the most part the landscape was flat, except when the train went near the Grampians, a mountain range northwest of Melbourne. There were some rolling hills between the towns of
Murray Bridge and Adelaide, which is where I spotted a single kangaroo hopping away from the train tracks!

Adelaide is the Capital of the state of South Australia, which is in a new time zone, 30 minutes earlier than Melbourne. We ran into this half-hour time change when we went to Alice Springs, too.

When we travel, I do most of the driving and Jim is the navigator, which means I spend more time watching the road instead of the views out the windows. So riding on the train gave me lots of time to just enjoy the passing landscape. I didn’t stare out the train window for 10 hours though! I got a bunch of knitting done, which is no small feat considering how bumpy the ride can be on a train. I read a few magazines as well as my Kindle book. I got up from my seat and walked the length of the train a few times and ate my lunch. The time passed fairly quickly and it was a most enjoyable day.

A taxi brought me into the CBD of Adelaide where I have a hotel room for 2 nights. Dinner was at a local Italian restaurant a block away from my hotel and I had a delicious pizza. After dinner I took a 20 minute walk which got me over 10,000 steps for the day.

I may rent a car tomorrow to go to the coast and to visit a winery or two.










G’Day Mates!


2 comments on “Riding the Rails-Sunrise to Sunset

  1. Sally says:

    Jealous. Remember the ride from Lake Superior to Lake Louise and back, many years ago? I continue to appreciate all the green.

  2. jeannie says:

    What a treat! I am jealous too!

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