Ship’s Ahoy!

We are back in Melbourne after a wonderful trip to Sydney. Today in Sydney, we were invited to go boating on the Hawksbury River with a Sydney based J&J guy and his wife. Shortly after we arrived in Melbourne, Darryl contacted Jim to welcome him to AU and told us to let him know when we were going to be in Sydney so he could take us out on his boat.

Arrangements were made for today and we drove northwest from Sydney for about a half hour, to Ku-Ring-Gai Chase national park, which included a marina. There we met Darryl and his wife, Liane and their 53′ Selene yacht! We have never been on a private boat this size and were in awe of all the amenities that this vessel included. It had beds for 9 people, 2 bathrooms (heads), a kitchen full of appliances to make life easier, a grill and refrigerator on the upper deck, a system to de-salinate water and a 5000 liter fuel tank! The boat is designed to cruise around the world while enjoying all the comforts of home. We cruised down the river a ways before anchoring in a small cove where we enjoyed a delicious lunch and interesting conversation. Because we were in a national park the surrounding hills were wild, with just a couple pockets of civilization. The trees came right down to the water’s edge or to rocky shorelines. It was a beautiful setting. 


Darryl and Liane’s boat.


Lunch on the back deck.


Jim standing in the galley area of the boat.


Jim and Darryl in the lower wheelhouse.


View off the stern. Life is good!

We returned to the marina just as the sun was setting and then watched in amazement as Darryl and Liane backed the boat into it’s slip! Impressive. We said our thanks and goodbyes to them both~it had been a fabulous day with them and we appreciate their hospitality!

We had a drive of about an hour to get to the airport and arrived just in time to stand in a long line to check our bags! The plane left on time and landed on time and Beannie and Dave picked us up, just as planned. They have had 4 good days here in the Melbourne area, exploring on their own and now are packed up and ready for their departure for the States tomorrow morning. We will miss them but are so glad they made the trip Down Under!

I have one day to do my laundry, pack up and stock the refrigerator for Jim before I leave on Tuesday morning for my cross-country adventure. Never a dull moment!

G’Day Mates!


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