We have easily adapted to the food here in Australia – most things in the grocery store look familiar. However, there are 2 things that we enjoy that seem hard to come by. The first is bite-sized dark chocolate pieces (like Hersey’s dark kisses) and pretzels. 

When Sally and Bob arrived they delivered 3 bags of dark chocolate so Jim has his “heart medicine” again. I can buy dark chocolate, but it is in big bars or in small pieces at very pricey chocolate shops. So the purple-wrapped dark chocolate kisses were a welcome addition to Jim’s snack options.

Pretzels~I love them! Hard or soft and any shape or size, they are my go-to snack. It took me a long time to even find some in the grocery stores here and when I did, they were just OK. I cannot believe that a country that loves its beer doesn’t do a better job with pretzels! There may be a business opportunity here. When Dave first arrived we were talking about food and I mentioned the lack of quality pretzels. He must have relayed this info onto his wife, Beannie, because when she arrived she had 2 bags (rods and dipping sticks) of pretzels for us! Thank goodness her luggage caught up with her!

And I must have made a fuss about this when Tucker and Alison were here because today a big box arrived in the mail here for us. And in that box were 2 boxes of Snyder’s Hard Pretzels! I am one happy camper! I will share my pretzels, but they will be rationed out.


Love the pretzel present!

So to Bob, Sally, Dave, Beannie, Tucker and Alison, we say “Thanks” for the taste of home! 

Speaking of Beannie and Dave, they returned tonight from their Great Ocean Road trip and had a great time! It was very windy which whipped the ocean into a frenzy which adds to the excitement on the GOR. They also saw lots of koalas (including a baby one) and a wallaby. So in honor of their successful trip on the GOR, here is one of my crashing waves photos from our time there!


The Arch on the Great Ocean Road.

Tomorrow Jim and I head to Sydney for a long weekend. Watch the blog to follow our adventures in that city. We’ll be back late Sunday night.

Happy 4th of July to all my USA readers. It will be very strange to not be at Jenny Lake for the 4th. We will miss seeing family and friends at camp, but hope the rain stops long enough to enjoy the holiday weekend.



8 comments on “Treats

  1. You look fantastic! I am not sure if I have told you but I look forward to your blog every day! The photos are incredible! – Faithful Reader

  2. Eileen Alley says:

    Margie you look great!! Your smile is contagious.

  3. Roger Flint says:

    Your commens regarding Pretzels puzzles us Brits as we fail to see what is so special about them! They can be bought over here in the UK but we never buy them. I can recall your Dad munching his way through them on many occasions whilst I stuck to the peanuts. Good job we don’t all have the same food tastes. Enjoy Sydney.

  4. jeannie says:

    Now I know what treats to bring!!!!!

  5. Sally says:

    Thanks for the thanks! and Loving the haircut! Jeannie, pretzels can take up a lot of room, but then you will have more space to carry stuff home.

  6. Carl and Nan Oster says:

    Have a good trip to Sydney. We all will miss you at Jenny Lake. Love, Dad and Mom

  7. D'Alta says:

    Well Marge, several people beat me to saying this–YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!

    And as far as I’m concerned, the only thing better than pretzels are pretzels and good chocolate eaten together! I have craved dark chocolate covered pretzels of late, so I must have “channeling” both you and Jim! Enjoy your treats!!!

  8. Anne Y says:

    We will miss you at Jenny Lake too. I have been enjoying your blog very much and love your photos, especially the crashing waves. Have a wonderful visit in Sydney.
    Anne Y

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