All About Me!

Today was all about me! I had no responsibilities and nothing that had to be done so I took advantage of such a rare day.

I returned to yoga this morning because I was able to get out of bed this morning without assistance! I was a bit worried that I might have a lot of muscle soreness because I didn’t go to yoga practice for 2 weeks and we worked hard yesterday, but that was not the case. A couple of neck and shoulder rolls, one deep squat and a few toe touches and I was good to go! I do enjoy my yoga classes and always come away feeling like I’ve had a good workout.

I had a delightful walk home from the yoga studio in the sunshine and pleasant temperatures (about 14-15 degrees C. or 57-60 degrees F.). It was shortly after 11 AM when I got home and this is a good time to call the US, especially the east coast where it was shortly after 9 PM, yesterday. So I called my parents and caught them before they turned in for the night so we Facetimed for a half hour! Talking to friends and family back home can make even the best day better!

I had brie and crackers for lunch before heading out for a bike ride. Shortly after we arrived I tasted some double brie from Tasmania at the Queen Vic Market and I love the stuff! Whenever I am at that market, I pick up a wedge and make it my lunch for a few days. Yummy.

I put my bike in the car and drove to the bike path by the bay at St. Kilda. I could ride my bike there, but the traffic can be heavy on the roads I would need to use, so I decided to drive there. The wind was howling by the beach and I had to work real hard when I was going into the wind, but wished I had a sail when I turned around and the wind was at my back. There weren’t too many riders out today and all of my 18 miles were on trails only for bikes, so it was pretty easy riding. Here are a bunch of photos from my ride. I am getting very good at taking photos while riding!


Spirit of Tasmania ferry waiting to make its nightly run to Tassie.


Kite-boarders on Phillip Bay.


New construction in the “fancy homes” section of the bike trail.


Waves and whitecaps on Port Phillip.


Melbourne skyline across Port Phillip.


My private bike trail.


HUGE container ship leaving the Yarra River, crossing Port Phillip, heading for the open ocean.

Once I returned home I spent some time doing some final planning for our time in the southwest corner of Australia. I needed one more hotel reservation in Perth and decided to find a deal. So we are now booked into a room at Miss Maud’s Swedish Hotel in the CBD of Perth! Could be interesting!

Dinner was leftovers so that was easy and I have been able to do some knitting tonight. I have 2 more projects started. One is a off-white easy lace scarf and the other is a gray complicated lace shawl. Both should keep my busy for a while.

Beannie and Dave are on the Great Ocean Road and will return tomorrow night. I hope they had the sunshine that we had here and if they had the wind, the ocean may have put on a great show for them!

G’Day Mates!


Balcony view.


5 comments on “All About Me!

  1. says:

    At the pace you have been going, I am surprised on a day with no plans, you didn’t just take a nap!!! 😀

    • marjirob says:

      Sherri, can’t nap on a sunny day in the winter in Melbourne. Everyone tells us that we are having an unusual stretch of weather, more sun than rain! I’ll take it! Hope all is well you!

  2. Kay says:

    Glad we [?] had a day of rest! I was getting exhausted!! You’re missing a record season so far at the lake, over 10″ of rain!! We haven’t floated away yet.

    • marjirob says:

      Thanks for reading, Kay! Maybe my Dad and Denny need to start building an ark! Hope July is a bit drier. Rain or shine I do miss Jenny Lake! Enjoy!

  3. joan vogt says:

    Hi Margie
    As usual enjoyed your blog. Just wondering but one of our “walking boys” William Kuol works at Melbourne Health, and lives in Melbourne Victoria Australia. Do you have anyway to phone him and say hello to him for us? His English is very good. Check him out on facebook, you may remember seeing him – thanks.

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