Winter in the Botanical Gardens

This morning I returned to yoga after a 2 week absence, and boy did that feel good! My balance was off a bit, but I will get that back. 

After a quick post-yoga shower, I met up with Beannie (Jean) and Dave and we walked to the Botanical Gardens. Once again, I was amazed with the number of plants and trees in bloom in July in Melbourne. We walked around, stopping to take photos and read the description boards. The Botanical Garden is a treasure for this city and I see something new every time I visit and there are still walkways and paths that I need to explore. Here are a group of photos from the Garden. I won’t try to identify the flowers, just enjoy their beauty.





Beannie getting up close and personal with a bush that was new to her!


The Shrine of Remembrance was next on our list of Things to Do today so we walked there, and walked the grounds, ventured into the inner sanctum of the Shrine and then climbed the steps to the balcony around the top of the Shrine for views of the city and bay. I enjoy bringing people to the Shrine and sharing the very moving experience we had here on Anzac Day back in April. 


Beannie and Dave on the balcony of the Shrine of Remembrance.

By now we were starving and went looking for a restaurant. I was happy to discover that I really do know my way around this part of the city and was able to get us to a cafe that was new to me and was on the tram route that Beannie and Dave would want to take after lunch! We ate our sandwiches at an outside table and watched the world go by. A few steps from the cafe Beannie and Dave caught the tram to the Melbourne Museum where they went to the Afghan Gold exhibit. I should be getting a kickback on all the people I have sent to that museum!!

I walked home stopping at a shop called French Fantisies. Now, before you get all excited I will tell you that it is a bakery where I bought Aussie meat pies for dinner. I carefully carried these back to the apartment where I discovered that the elevator was being serviced, so I started up 6 flights of stairs. When I got to my floor I discovered that the door from the stairwell was locked and neither my key, my fob nor my card would open the door! Grrrrrr! So I walked back down 6 flights of stairs, carrying my meat pies, and went to the reception desk and asked, “What the heck. . . ” We rent our apartment from Quest apartments, but our unit is in an adjoining building. The only time this has been a problem was when Quest upgraded their wireless internet and it created a deadzone in our apartment.  Finally, one of the maintenance guys walked me through the car park, into the lobby of the adjoining apartment building, where I was happy to discover my key fob opened all the doors we needed opened as well as ran the elevator to the 6th floor at the other end of our floor. Problem solved. By the time I left the apartment 15 minutes later, the elevator guys were just finishing up their work and taking down their “Closed” signs on the 6th floor elevator doors so I volunteered to be a guinea pig to take the first run down in the recently maintained elevator. All went well!

Beannie and Dave came here for a dinner of meat pies, salad and cookies. After dinner we suggested some things not to miss on their trip on the Great Ocean Road, which starts tomorrow. We are going to Sydney early Thursday morning and Beannie and Dave will move out of their Quest apartment and stay in ours while we are gone. 


The Welcoming Committee looks forward to greeting Dave and Beannie on Thursday!

Time to head to bed. Hope all is well with my loyal readers.

Here are a few more photos from the Botanical Garden.






3 comments on “Winter in the Botanical Gardens

  1. Sally says:

    I loved that place! It was started in 1859. I recognize 2 of these from our plantings at church. But they don’t look quite so nice in winter! The greeters look very nice, and welcoming!

  2. Dottie Vastola says:

    Just love the pictures of all the flowers. Now, to pick out one out to paint will be a hard decision. Also LOVE your welcoming committee, how cute. Who could resist not to be happy to see that. Great blog, very informative. Keep on sending your blogs. Love them. Dottie

  3. I continue to read and love your blog! You are an amazing writer and your pictures are all so good. And, I love hearing what Beannie and Dave are up to!

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