New Bike Adventure

After a very casual start to our Sunday, and after Face-timing with both boys, we headed out on our bikes for another tour of the city and surrounding suburbs. Armed with a bike map and a familiarity with some parts of our planned route, we set off in the sunshine hoping to explore some new parts of greater Melbourne.

The first leg of our journey followed the route that Jim takes to work everyday so there were no surprises there except for the large number of people out walking, running, biking, and generally playing in the sunshine! We followed the Main Yarra River Trail to the Gardner Creek Trail and then turned onto a new trail (new to us) called the Anniversary Trail. This particular trail follows along part of the old Outer Circle train line which opened in 1891. Parts of this walking/biking trail opened 100 years later, 1991, thus the name Anniversary Trail. The trail now goes through the old rail line, but also through some lovely parks and small side streets. The trail was upgraded in 2006 and is in very good shape making it an enjoyable ride. 


The Gardner Creek bike trail, parts of which are suspended under the expressway.



Gardner Creek bike trail.



Start of the Anniversary Trail

We took the Anniversary Trail to another section of the Main Yarra Trail, which took us to a high point where we had a clear view of Melbourne rising in the distance.


A sign on the Anniversary Trail so that walkers and bikers can co-exist!


View of Melbourne from the Main Yarra River Trail


Bike gutters along the couple of places where we had to take our bikes up stairs.

We followed the Main Yarra Trail back to our neighborhood, but not before we stopped at a restaurant right along the trail for some lunch. We were hungry  by then and got one of the last tables, outside at the Kanteen restaurant. We were glad that the restaurant provided some nice fleece blankets for the outside patrons because as we sat there waiting for our meals, our sweaty bodies cooled off. The blankets were the perfect solution. Melbournites eat outside year-round. They love to heat the great outdoors by placing heaters around the outside tables. We’ve seen blankets at a couple of different places. Most places also have an indoor options, but outdoors seems very popular!


Kanteen Restaurant, with outdoor seating, right along the bike trail.


My tasty breakfast, poached eggs and feta cheese on top of homemade baked beans, on top of fresh baby spinach, on top of grilled bread slices. Yummy!

We arrived back at our apartment with 25 miles on our cyclometers and were very pleased with our outing. We store our bikes in our apartment and the elevator to the 6th floor fits 2 bikes and us quite nicely. 

We did a bit of shopping on Chapel Street this afternoon and then caught up on some chores around here. We have purchased plane tickets to go to Sydney next weekend so we are doing some planning around that long weekend. 

We met up with Beannie and Dave for dinner at a place that makes delicious lamb gyros and they filled us up! Dave and Beannie spent their Sunday going to church at a historic church downtown, visiting the Monet exhibit and shopping at an opal store. We all had a super Sunday and took turns telling about our day. 


Dave and Beannie and lamb gyros~life is good!

Tomorrow it is back to work for Jim and back to yoga for me (hope I remember how to do yoga!) and then Beannie, Dave and I will tour the impressive Botanical Gardens. 



One comment on “New Bike Adventure

  1. Sally says:

    Loving that sunshine! Did you go towards the Yarra Valley wineries?

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