Something New in Melbourne

Jean (Beannie) arrived yesterday, unfortunately her luggage stayed in Los Angeles! It was good to see her and she made the best of not having clean clothes, etc. for a day and a half, but the suitcase was delivered to the apartment building while we were out this morning. Dave and Jean are staying in the same building as we are, which is very convenient. 

The four of us headed to the CBD on the tram this morning with the intent of taking a boat tour on the Yarra River. Jim and I tried to do this a month ago, but the tide came in too high and the tour had to be cancelled.  This particular tour heads towards the docks area near Phillip Bay and there are 3 very low bridge under which the tour boat travels. If the tide is too high, the boat gets stuck! So we were glad to have timed our tour right today and we boarded the  boat at 10:30 AM, after purchasing tickets from a young man who could have been Josh Groban’s brother! He didn’t know who Josh Groban was, so we educated him on that topic!

The boat tour gave us another perspective on the city and took us to an area that can only been seen from the water, the docks area. Today there were 3 huge container ships in the docks and we saw enormous cranes lifting the containers off one of these ocean-going vessels. It was a cloudy day, but we enjoyed the sights from the deck of the boat. 


Dave, Beannie, Jim and I on the Yarra River boat tour.


City view off the back of the boat.


We had to duck down as we went under 3 very low bridges. There was only about 15 inches of clearance between the top of the boat and the underside of the lowest bridge!


Container ships in the docks area of the Yarra River.

After the one-hour boat tour, we walked to Flinder’s Station where we picked up the free City Circle tram, to ride it around to the Queen Victoria Market. It was in full swing by the time we arrived around noon and we had fun listening to the vendors hawk their wares and seeing the wide variety of produce, meat and cheese that was available. We ate lunch at the food court for the market and bought some fruit and cheese to take home. We then did a walking tour of downtown Melbourne including some of the lane-ways. 

By mid-afternoon we knew that Beannie was starting to feel the jet lag, so she and Dave rode the tram home and Jim and I walked back along the Yarra River with a stop to watch the footy game being played on the high school field near our building. 

Our day started out with heavy fog around (no hot air balloons this morning!), but cleared to a beautiful day with temps in the low 60’s. 


There is not always beautiful sunrises and sunsets off of our balcony.

We re-grouped with Dave and Beannie for dinner tonight and tried a restaurant in the Little Italy precinct (Aussies use the word “precinct” like we would use “area” or “section”) and had a nice dinner at a small Italian restaurant. 

Last night Jim and I stayed home and I finished knitting one sock and a jumper (sweater) for a stuffed penguin I bought on Phillip Island. You may be wondering why I might be knitting for a stuffed animal so here is the story. When I was at Phillip Island for the Penguin Parade, I bought a stuffed penguin to join the koala and kangaroo that currently welcomes guests to our guest bedroom. Also for sale were penguins with jumpers on. This was to recognize the harm that comes to the little penguins when there is an oil spill  and to recognize all the knitters who went wild when a call went out to make penguin sweaters to cover the penguins who had been affected by the oil spill. When a penguin gets cleaned up from an oil spill, the natural oils in a penguins feathers gets washed off and the penguins need something to help them keep warm. Hence the knitted jumpers. The knitters saved the day for the little penguins, so some penguins are sold at the Penguin Parade with jumpers. I purchased some yarn a while back from a local farm and I used that yarn to make my penguin jumper! And no, I do not have too much time on my hands! 


Philip Footy with his new jumper!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another good weather day so Jim and I may try to go on a bike ride. Dave and Beannie plan to go to church downtown and then go to the Monet exhilbit. We’ll meet up for dinner and compare notes from our day.

G’day Mates!


4 comments on “Something New in Melbourne

  1. Sally and Bob says:

    Phillip Footy looks great! I can now pretty well imagine your travels. Glad Jean made it, and her clothes eventually. Second day of sleeping at home didn’t go as well as the first, but I’ll come around soon enough. Can’t wait to hear about the next bike ride.

  2. MaryJo says:

    love the penguin sweater! awesome craft idea!!

  3. marge, beanie sister Susie here — I LOVE your blog; it’s great to see and hear about all the places you go and things you do, and especially neat to see and hear about bean and dave’s trip!!

    • marjirob says:

      Thanks for reading, Susie. It sure is fun having Dave and Beannie here. You might be interested to know that I brought 2 of your bracelets with me to AU!

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