Bye Bye to Friends and Hair

We were up early this morning to get Bob and Sally to the airport for their flights home. Amazingly enough, the round trip only took me just over and hour! I was sad to say goodbye to Bob and Sally, but sure enjoyed our time together. We have lots of good memories of our time together in Aussie-land.


Bob and Sally at Kings Canyon, NT.

I reached my level of tolerance for my hair in my eyes and decided today was the day I got my haircut. The same person has cut my hair at home for lots of years and I was a bit apprehensive about just walking into a new salon and asking for a cut, but the time had come to do just that. Once the shops on Toorak Street opened I walked up and down the street looking into a bunch of hair salons and even stopping in couple to get price info. One salon on a side street off of Toorak quoted an acceptable price and could take me right then so I took the plunge and sat in the chair. The women who cut my hair spoke limited English and her hands flew. She would comb, comb, comb a section of hair and then snip, snip snip with amazing control and speed! Then she would stop and ask me if I wanted it shorter or if that particular length was OK. An hour later I walked out pleased with my new ‘do! The real test though will be when I see what I can do with it tomorrow morning! So here is what my new cut looks like, it is a bit different than I usually wear.


The new cut.

The rest of my day was spent on domestic duties, knitting group and doing research for future trips away. 

Dave came up to our apartment for a visit tonight and we planned our trip to the airport to pick up Jean tomorrow morning. Yippee! Another familiar face! Tomorrow’s trip to the airport should be easier than today’s for 3 reasons: 1. not going during the airport’s busiest time, 2. not returning to the city during the start of rush hour and, 3. it will not be dark!

After a cloudy start to the day, the sun broke through and it was a lovely day, reaching 16 degrees ( 61 F.) Shortly after arriving here, I printed out a conversion chart of Celsius to Fahrenheit and taped it up on the wall. It has come in very handy!

I’ll leave you with a photo of the sunset from our balcony tonight.

G’Day Mates!



5 comments on “Bye Bye to Friends and Hair

  1. says:

    Your haircut looks great! Jean is on the way! I know she made it to LA and should be in the air now heading to AU. A day later than expected, I know she will be glad to finally get there. Flying is so unpredictable anymore. She had an amazing agent at the airport yesterday that went out of her way to figure out how to make her flights work out. Jean was able to fly 1st class from Chicago to LA since it was the only seat left. When I checked her flight at home, there were 9 people on standby. I think she was very lucky! The agent next to us was yelling at his customers. Jean and I were both impressed with this lady. She was a dear! Have a great time visiting when she finally arrives! G’Day!

  2. se23lane says:

    Your hair looks great! Enjoy more company. Hope we don’t float away while you are away.

  3. Ann says:

    I love your fresh new hairstyle! We are enjoying Jazz Fest here, my favorite Rochester event. We are still thinking of Aussieland.

  4. D'Alta says:

    Very cute cut! And glad to know you’ve found a knitting group!

  5. Sally says:

    Love the haircut! On time into Chicago. Just sat thru a nasty thunder storm, but ground crews are now allowed to go out and work again.Hope to leave in less than an hour but things are starting to get rearranged, and our plane needs to come in from North Carolina. Hope to keep the trip to around 30 hours.

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