Waves, Walks and Wool

We were the first people up and out of Port Campbell this morning, heading west on the GOR. We hiked to see The Arch, London Bridge and the Grotto, all unique rock formations that were definitely photo-worthy. We then turned east on the GOR, retraced our route a bit to stop again at the Loch Ard Gorge area.


The Arch, Great Ocean Road


Bob and Sally at the London Bridge Overlook.

The cemetery was our first stop, where we took a minute to remember the human aspect along this rocky coast. The Loch Ard was a ship that went down in this part of the ocean in 1878 and there were only 2 survivors and only 4 bodies were recovered. These four folks are buried in the cemetery at the gorge. 

Our walk here was to the Sherbrooke Estuary, a place I have walked with Jim and Tucker and Alison. A short hike takes you to a lonely beach where the waves roll in, crashing on the sand. We walked out on some large rock formations which allowed us to look into another gorge. For a long time we watched the waves roll in, waiting for the biggest ones to wash up over a rock formation just off shore. It is a spectacular place!


Crashing waves at the Sherbrooke Estuary, Great Ocean Road

Some day I hope to take a helicopter tour of the Twelve Apostles, but I want it to be a sunny day with blue skies. Today was close, weather-wise, but I know that I have 2 more chances to get that day. 

Lunch was at the Blackwood Gully restaurant in Laver’s Hill where we were entertained by the rosellas. 



We left the GOR and headed inland to get to the expressway that would take us the fast way to Geelong, home of the National Wool Museum, a place that Sally wanted to visit. You may remember that I toured this museum shortly after arriving here in Melbourne, but I was very willing to go back for a second visit. While Sally and I got into the world of sheep and wool, Bob explored the waterfront of Geelong. After an hour, we had to send him back out for another 30 minutes because Sally and I were still enjoying the museum.

So we had a great GOR trip and I will gladly go back another time. 

Dinner tonight was at a local pizza place with thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas. Nice!


My favorite artsy photo from the Great Ocean Road.



6 comments on “Waves, Walks and Wool

  1. Sally says:

    Well done!

  2. jeannie says:

    I’m hoping for that sunny day! Y’all look cold!
    And I do love your artsy photo!

  3. se23lane says:

    Wonderful trip again. That last beautiful artsy picture with flowers looks like spring daffodils but I know its fall. Any idea what they are?

  4. joan vogt says:

    Love the birds! Could you include the temperature sometime? Seems like you are going through more than one season. Great report as usual!

  5. ttaber2@rochester.rr.com says:

    You have so many good pics! I can see many new framed photos happening in the future!

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