Great Ocean Road-Part Three

This morning Bob, Sally and I headed west to do the Great Ocean Road. A first for them, # 3 for me! So,if you are bored with my Great Ocean Road (GOR)reports, stop reading now and I will see you tomorrow.

We had all kinds of weather today, cloudy, foggy, rainy and sunny! Fortunately most of the rain fell when we were in the rainforest!

I was under a bit of pressure because I promised Bob and Sally that they would see at least one koala in its natural habitat ( not in a zoo). As we drove along the road into the Cape Otway Park, I had my fingers crossed (yes, while driving!) that those cute koalas would not let me down! And they did not! We stopped 3 different times to look up into the eucalyptus trees to see these furry balls of cuteness. Most were sleeping in the trees, but some were moving around as they looked for more leaves to munch upon. We got two up close views of koalas, again, one was sleeping and the other was feeding. I was off the hook!

Once we dragged ourselves away from the koalas, we continued on down the road to tour the lighthouse and surrounding out-buildings. The weather was clearing and I was excited about moving on down the road to see some of the huge rock formations that the GOR is known for.

We hiked down the Gibson Steps to get a beach level view of the first two of the Twelve Apostles. Then we drove to the Twelve Apostles area and walked the viewing boardwalks and took lots of photos. Our sightseeing concluded at the Loch Ard Gorge area. The sun was setting at this time and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as the sky turned pink and orange.

We are spending the night in Port Campbell and tomorrow will do some more sightseeing on the GOR before heading back to Melbourne. I will try to add some photos to this blog, but this app on my iPad doesn’t always work the way I want it to.






G’Day Mates!


4 comments on “Great Ocean Road-Part Three

  1. Robin Stocks Robin says:

    I never tire of your pics or your commentary. Thanks aGAIN SO MUCH!

  2. Dean Burger says:

    Have you stopped at the little store/cafe by the lighthouse.

    They have the greatest homemade jams and scones

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