After 3 great days in the middle of Australia, it was time to return to Melbourne. After a quick breakfast at the roadhouse, we loaded up the car and discovered that the windshield was covered with frost! We knew it was a cold morning, but this surprised us! We had to get our credit cards out in order to scrap off the ice! 


Scraping ice off the windshield in Erldunda.

The 200k back to Alice Springs went quickly, especially going 130k’s per hour! The traffic was light, especially towards The Alice. We returned the rental car (a Ford Falcon station wagon!) and got a taxi to the airport.


Sign in Alice Springs.


Quantas to Melbourne.

There were no delays on our return flight and Jim met us at the airport! We have spent a lot of time back in the apartment catching up on the blog, Facebook, e-mail and Twitter! We did take a break to walk up Chapel Street for a wonderful Italian dinner at Cafe Cucina. 

Tomorrow we are going to try to squeeze in an early trip to the Queen Vic Market, a quick tour of the Mornington Peninsula, and footy in the late afternoon. Should be a great day. 



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