Rainy Days and Mondays in Melbourne

This was the day to introduce Bob and Sally to Melbourne, rain or shine. It rained most of the morning, but stopped after lunch. The sun never came out, but we no longer needed our brellies (umbrellas).

We walked along the Yarra River to get to town and then got on the free tram that circles the city. It was raining pretty hard by now and the windows on the tram were fogging up, but I tried to point out what I knew. Sally had done some research before getting here and wanted to visit a local Aboriginal gallery. I had not been there yet, but knew how to get there, so we got off the foggy tram and walked a short distance to the gallery. We all enjoyed the exhibits featuring art work by the Aboriginal people as well as telling their story. We learned a bit but have no photos as photography was prohibited. 

Bob said he wanted to see some of the laneways for which Melbourne is famous. So we headed to Collins Street and decided to eat lunch in one of the shops in the Center Place laneway.  It was a good Melbourne experience because the local work force was out  eating lunch there too. 


Laneway lunches.

Our tour continued at the Melbourne Museum, where Bob and Sally toured the Afghanistan gold exhibit. I have seen that two times and did not need to spend the money to see it a third time so I had a pot of tea while they viewed all the gold! It is impressive! 

We took the tram home, but made a stop at the grocery store before finding our way back to the apartment. My pedometer recorded 17,000 steps on this Intro to Melbourne tour, so we got our exercise also!  

Once in the apartment we discovered we had no Internet! Oh No! After a couple of phone calls and trying some things with the computer, we discovered that a new Internet service was installed for this apartment complex. The problem is that although we are renting from this particular complex, our apartment is in a different part of the building and the new Internet is not available here! This is not good. How will Jim do his work if he doesn’t have Internet and more importantly, how will I do the blog?! The front desk people have now told us that our Internet will be up and working by tomorrow afternoon! For tonight’s blog, I am typing it up in our apartment, but will need to go outside one of the meeting rooms in the other part of the building to access some wi-fi.

Dave joined us for dinner again tonight which was fun. He helped eat up the over abundance of fresh ravioli that I bought! Thanks Dave!

This may be my last blog for a few days as I am heading to the Red Center of Australia with Bob and Sally tomorrow morning. We fly from Mebourne to Alice Springs, which is right in the middle of the country, deep in the outback! We will be there until Friday and plan to do some day hikes around Uluru (formerly Ayer’s Rock) and a couple of other National parks in the area. It should be very different from the places we’ve visited so far. So stay tuned, it could get interesting.

G’Day Mates!


A Google Image of Uluru


One comment on “Rainy Days and Mondays in Melbourne

  1. Pam Bradley says:

    Marji, it’s been a few days since I checked your blog and now you’re on your way to – or at – Red Center of Australia. Some comments: love the black and burgundy scarf you made. Have Jim take a picture of you wearing it. Jim invested well in his haircut. It looks great. When I saw Dave’s picture, I thought, “Oh, THAT Dave!” Clever yarn exhibit at the Collins Street Arcade. That one self photo on the beach looks like you’re holding some kind of large weapon! It startled me a bit. Finally, greetings to Sally and Bob. Have a great time.
    I continue to fully enjoy your adventures vicariously. Thanks so much for your blog.

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