More Company, on Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to Jim, my Dad and any fathers reading this blog!

We had a sunny day here and Jim said he wanted to go for a bike ride so I took him on the Capital City Bike trail, a ride that I have done once and wanted to do again so I could remember the correct route through the tricky parts. It was a perfect day for this 20 mile ride, cool and sunny. From our apartment we rode along the Yarra River into the city and as we rode along we realized that there was a rowing regatta going on in the river!  


Launching a boat for the regatta. This team wore fun, pink wigs!

We got to see some of the 4’s racing and it looked like fun. As our route continued around the perimeter of the city, we rode along a couple of creeks  that must have flooded a couple of weeks ago when Melbourne had torrential rains one of the weekend days we were in Port Douglas. We were astounded to see how high the debris was stuck in the trees along the trail. The flood waters were feet above the bike trail! It must have been an impressive, though dangerous site. We stopped for lunch at the Collingwood Farm cafe. In a previous post I have written about riding by this cafe so today it was our destination for our Father’s Day lunch. We got a table for two in a very full cafe and enjoyed a wonderful meal! Sometime I will tell you about the poached pear breakfast I had! It was a great ride, one I hope to do again!


Jim with his baked bean and ham hock breakfast skillet!


Father’s Day at the Farm!

We got back home just as the big dark clouds rolled in and some light rain started. 

We picked up our friends Bob and Sally at the airport at 5:30 PM and brought them back to the apartment, where they will stay with us for a while. We invited Dave to join us for dinner and it was fun to share our stories. Dave spent the day exploring Melbourne and now has a good feel for the city and a lay of the land. Sally and Bob told of their adventures in Sydney and Brisbane before they came to see us. We also took this opportunity to finally celebrate Sally’s May birthday.


Cheers with Jim, Dave, Sally and Bob! Love having guests!


Celebrating Sally’s birthday!

Tomorrow will be a day to introduce Bob and Sally to Melbourne as Jim and Dave head off to work.

Happy Father’s Day!


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