Dave is in the House!

Well, not our house, but in Melbourne and in the same apartment building! We caught up with him later in the afternoon, heard his travel woes over a beer, and then took him for a walk of the neighborhood. We all went to dinner at a restaurant near the St. Kilda beach and after a nice meal we walked the St. Kilda Pier. The skies had cleared so a small moon lit up the bay and the city lights were impressive. Welcome to Melbourne, Dave!

Tomorrow Dave is going to discover Melbourne on his own at his own pace and will join us for dinner. We are hoping the weather cooperates so we can get a bike ride in.

This morning we went out for breakfast (brekky) at a nearby patisserie where we enjoyed breakfast treats and read the newspaper.

We decided to walk to the Prahram Market, Melbourne’s oldest market, to do some shopping. I have not been there in a few weeks and here is what greeted us:


The old floor has been removed and a new one is being poured in the Prahram Market.

No vendors in the market building, and a construction fence all around! Lots of tents were set up around the periphery of the building and this is where the fruit and veggie merchants sold their goods. We were able to get all we came for, but are wondering how long the building is going to under renovation. Today it looked like there was a new cement floor being poured.

We did a bit of shopping along Chapel Street before coming home for lunch. Jim also took the plunge and got a haircut. He paid $28 and was pleased with the cut. Jim took a bit of time to clean up his bike since he rode in the rain to and from work too many times this past week. 

We then went for a walk stopping to watch the footy game that was being played at the high school field that we can see from our balcony.


Local footy.


Our apartment building is the white one, we are in one of the middle level apartments, close to the edge of the gray building.

We continued on along the Yarra River and went into the Botanical Gardens. We enjoyed walking on some new-to-us trails and the few flowering plants.


Pretty purple flowers blooming in the almost winter!

We made another trip to the Shrine of Remembrance, noticing things we’ve missed on other visits. This time we were able to go into the inner sanctum of the Shrine and we arrived just as a short Service of Remembrance was starting. This service is a 2-minute re-creation of the service that takes place on November 11th at 11 AM. commemorating the end of WWI. This Shrine was designed and built so that on 11/11 at 11 AM, the sun would shine through a small hole down on a memorial plaque in the floor of the Shrine, spotlighting the word “Love”. The re-creation was a moving moment. We then spent some time talking with the docent in this area of the Shrine, learning more about the Shrine as well as sharing about why we were there. This Shrine is a very solemn and reverent place, and we are always impressed with it.


Shrine of Remembrance


Re-creation of the sunbeam on the plaque at the Shrine of Remembrance commemorating November 11th.

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s blog! It is nice to know there are so many of you out there reading my drivel!



City view from the balcony of the Shrine of Remembrance


4 comments on “Dave is in the House!

  1. se23lane says:

    I always read and enjoy your blogs, every day. I don’t always have time to log in and comment. I forward to Walt, Mary and Sylvia.

  2. Karen McIver says:

    I came into your journey a bit late, but I’ve been catching up and it looks and sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us.

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