Two Month Anniversary

I didn’t write a blog yesterday, but it was our 2 month anniversary for living in Melbourne! Boy, has that 2 months gone by quickly. We were thinking about things we’ve learned in the past 60 days. Here are some of our thoughts, in no particular order:

  • We know how to order beer in Victoria
  • Driving on the other side of the road is not so terrifying anymore
  • “How ya going?” doesn’t sound so weird
  • I’m getting quicker at getting the correct amount of change out of my wallet when making a purchase.
  • We are getting used to many things costing twice as much as at home
  • I have successfully negotiated a Hook Turn in the CBD, with witnesses
  • After being turned away more times than we care to admit, we are learning the value of booking a table at a restaurant
  • We know the difference between an entree and a main on a dinner menu
  • We know our way around the CBD
  • Footy is our new adopted sport. We know enough to explain it to our guests, but not so much that helpful Melbourne fans won’t explain things to us
  • I am getting better at driving the 4-wheel drive grocery carts
  • We think we have done a lot of exploring and sightseeing, but when we look at the map of Australia, we see that we’ve hardly seen anything in this vast country
  • We are still thrilled by and grateful for this incredible opportunity to live in Australia
  • We love the followers and commenters on this blog 

Tonight we went to the movies for the first time and we saw The Great Gatsby, which we enjoyed. And we hit a new personal best for the amount of money we spent on movie tickets – $19.00 each – twice what it would be at home. And in order to get a senior discount, you need to have a Concession card from the government! 

This week I completed the finishing work on a scarf I knitted. I really like the way the colors change and the unique shape. It goes nicely with my black coat and was very easy to make. 


My new black and burgundy scarf, with Yarra overseeing the photo shoot!

On the weekend mornings we frequently awake to see hot air balloons floating above the city, and many nights we are treated to beautiful sunsets, all visible from our balcony.


Pink at night, sailors’ delight. . .

Tomorrow we expect our friend and Jim’s colleague, Dave, to arrive. He was due in this morning, but apparently was delayed by storms in Chicago. We look forward to having a familiar face around.

Thanks for reading this blog for 2 months and I hope we can keep it interesting for 3 more months. 



15 comments on “Two Month Anniversary

  1. D'Alta says:

    What a grand adventure!

  2. Sue says:

    Still loving your blogs. We are off to Jenny Lake today😀

  3. Jerry Vogt says:

    I had to look it up…………

  4. Hans Porte says:

    I tend not to comment but I am a faithful reader and very much enjoy your pics and writing. What a great adventure. Tell Dave I said hi:-)

  5. ttaber2 says:

    What an amazing 2 months for you guys! Have you noticed that you have 4,716 hits on your blog!?! We all love hearing about your adventures. Bummer that Dave was delayed. I hope he is there by now. Love your scarf! Happy 2 month Anniversary!!! 🙂

  6. MaryJo says:

    wow — two months already! Love reading your blog. Really love the scarf, too!

    • marjirob says:

      Thanks for reading, Mary Jo! I may have to make another scarf using the same pattern, but different colored yarn, because I am so happy with the first one!

  7. Katie says:

    I read your blog EVERY day. Your pictures are amazing. You have a hidden photography talent!! Your scarf is beautiful too. Looking forward to tomorrow’s blog!!

  8. joan vogt says:

    When you get back you have got to explain to me about the 4-wheel grocery carts! As usual, enjoyed the blog. Scarf is beautiful!

  9. Sylvia Nellis Boyden says:

    Am enjoying your writings and photos from Australia. Sandy Lane sends them on to me.
    Lovely scarf!

  10. Dottie Vastola says:

    Love, love, love your pictures of the many sunsets and other interesting and different ones. Like the pic of the palette and brushes. I also have the pick on my desktop to view often. Keep up the great shoots and have a blast. I also see that you have your mom’s needlework gene. Interesting pattern on the scarf.

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