Rainy Wednesday

Today was a gray and cloudy day with periods of rain, but it didn’t keep me at home!

I made the 40 minute walk downtown along the river to a museum in the CBD that I thought might be interesting to Corey so went and checked it out.  The museum is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and in addition to the regular exhibits, there was a special exhibit of famous Hollywood costumes. The ACMI is in a large building with an interesting facade, right off of Federation Square, Melbourne’s meeting place. Entry in to the main museum is free but there was a fee for the costume exhibit, which I gladly paid. I started with the Hollywood display and enjoyed looking at and reading about over 100 costumes from the movies. There were interesting video interviews with costume designers, actors and directors talking about the important role that costumes play in the success of a movie. There were costumes from Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz, The Great Gatsby, all the major superhero films and many others. I enjoyed getting a close-up view of the construction materials and techniques that went into these costumes and the stories that went along with each outfit. 

The main part of the museum dealt with the history of film in Australia, so I wasn’t familiar with most of the movies or shows. There was a display of the early video games which captured the interest of a group of middle-school aged boys who were there for a school tour! Overall, a good 2 hours at the ACMI.


Australian Centre for the Moving Image, featuring an exhibit of Hollywood costumes.

I then went to the shopping area of the CBD, with a few goals in mind. First was to find the bakery that sells the granola we like. That was easy~I had an address and kind of knew where it was. The second was to find the barber shop that I saw a month or so ago that advertised an early bird special if you got a haircut before 10:30 AM, $20.00! We have now been here long enough that we are both feeling like we need our hair cut. Jim is not too particular about who cuts his hair, he just doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. So after going up and down a few laneways, I found the place! And a second place in the same laneway that might do. Now he just has to find time to get to one of these places! A barber shop just opened on Toorak Street, right around the corner from us, but it looks fancy and doesn’t post their prices, so we know that it will be expensive. For me, I haven’t decided what place I will venture into to let them have a go at my hair.

The last thing I was looking for in the CBD was a pair of low boots. I think I may have mentioned this before because I have been searching for just the right pair since shortly after we arrived. There have been many boots I have liked, but put down when I saw the price! Today I tried on at least 4 pair, but none of them fit really well and I have gotten to the age where I don’t buy shoes unless they are perfect. So the search continues. 

When I walked into one of the arcade shopping areas that was 3 or 4 stories high, there was a oversized display of large balls of yarn and needles hanging from the ceiling into the atrium area! It was beautiful and an advertisement for a craft/yarn/home decorating store that I had not known about! I love discovering new things in this city! 


Yarn Art in the Collins Street Arcade of Shops.

Because we have visitors coming shortly, I made a stop at the Melbourne Visitor’s Center and picked up a bunch of glossy brochures and books for them. Jim’s colleague and friend, Dave, arrives on Friday to work for a week or so until his wife, Jean, arrives on June 27th. Our friends, Bob and Sally, arrive on Sunday so things will be exciting around here!

Tomorrow is yoga and knitting group, probably a no blog day. 

G’Day Mates!


Hungry Jack’s is Burger King. Same menu, similar features, different name, in deference to the the British Royalty (or so we are told)!


One comment on “Rainy Wednesday

  1. Carla Liotta says:

    Many thoughts of you today. It was Field Day! Very gray and gloomy and rainy here so everything moved indoors. Kids still had fun and it was a great day!

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