Random Thoughts

It sure was quiet around here today. After the hustle and bustle when Tucker and Alison were here and the backpacking weekend, things were pretty calm in the neighborhood! I returned to yoga and it felt good to do some down dogs! I then spent 2 hours recording all of our finances for the past 2 weeks! It is a good thing we went backpacking so our Visa card could cool down!

Then it was a walk to Woolworth’s for some groceries and one more walking trip to the library for some new books. I sat in the library and read the latest edition of Australian Traveler and checked out one of the older issues. It is so much fun to read about places we’ve been or places that might be fun to check out.

Today I also booked my train trip across Australia. I ride one train from Melbourne to Adelaide (8 hours) and then board the iconic Indian-Pacific train for the 65 hour trip to Perth. I leave on July 9th, spend a night in Adelaide and arrive in Perth on July 13th. I will spend 5 days in Perth and southwestern Australia, before flying home in time for a Sheep and Wool Festival in Bendigo, VIC the weekend of July19th. This rail journey is something I have wanted to do since I first started to research about Australia when our moving here became a possibility. I am very excited to have some plans in place!

Here are a few random thoughts about our time when Tucker and Alison were here:

  • They both really got into the AU scene. After Tucker’s first taste of kangaroo, he ordered it several more times for lunch or dinner. Alison got into the big coffee scene here, just like a local, something I’m not into at all.
  • They both were not afraid to engage the locals in conversation, which only enhanced their experience.
  • They never gave in to jet-lag. I was super impressed that neither of them fell asleep during those first dinners. I was a mess by that time of day during my first few days here!
  • They made the most of each and every experience, trying not to miss a thing! 
  • They pronounced “Melbourne” like the locals do, “Melbin”.

It was great to have them here and we miss having them around.

Jim was concerned that I neglected to mention two wildlife sightings on our Prom hike. So I will rectify that now. We saw a wombat, see the photo below. He was on the trail and Jim almost tripped over him as we came around a corner! He moved into the bush but not really fast so we were able to get some photos. The other sighting was as we were walking on a maintenance road back to our car on the last day. About 50 meters in front of us, this animal we did not know ran across the road and into the bush, never to be seen again. It was a large, four-legged, brown animal, with a pushed in face and short legs. We had read nothing about animals like that on the Prom so we were baffled. When we returned to the Visitor’s Center, I asked about such a creature and was told that it was a hog-deer. That would explain all its features. They were brought in so people could hunt them. They are native to southeast Asia and their numbers have diminished and rebounded over the years.  We feel lucky to have seen one. No photos.

I’ll close this blog with some of my “artsy” photos, the ones Jim says, “What are you taking a picture of?” when he sees me with my camera in front of my face! Also are a few of my favorites that were not in previous blogs. 


Large scale art in our neighborhood. These palettes and paintbrushes are much taller than I am!


More Beach Boxes on West Brighton Beach, St. Kilda.


Love the reflection of Jim, Alison and Tucker getting ready to go in the ocean in Port Douglas.


Bubbler crab art.


Hanging out for our reef talk by one of our GBR guides.


Selfy on the beach!


Fern tree~one of my favorite trees here in Australia.


Sheep in repose in a vineyard, Werribee Park.


The wombat!


I love long shadow pictures of us on the beach. I must have more than a dozen of them already!


Sand waves, Sealer’s Cove, Wilsons Promontory.


Interesting “claw” marks on this house-sized rock in the ocean.


Blue sky and dead tree!



4 comments on “Random Thoughts

  1. Roger Flint says:

    In the UK beach boxes are called beach huts and in certain coastal areas of the country are sold for ridiculous prices! At Wells next to Sea in Norfolk, famous for its numerous colourful beach huts, one changed hands recently for around £6,000( approx $7,500).

    Also someone who is acting like an idiot is sometimes called a Wombat. Why I have no clue.


    • marjirob says:

      Roger, we’ve heard that the beach boxes here are priced like the collector’s items that they are. They are fun to look at and certainly make a pretty photo! Thanks for reading!

  2. Roger Flint says:

    Sorry that figure should have been £60,000 ($75,000).

  3. jeannie says:

    I think Bubble Crab art is my favorite!

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