Phillip Island with Tucker and Alison

This will be a short entry because it is after 10 PM and I am tired! Being a tour guide all day and then having to blog at night is exhausting~I’m not complaining, just saying! I wouldn’t trade this job for anything!


Tucker spinning the grocery cart!

This morning I took Tucker and Alison grocery shopping and Tucker had a lot of fun driving the grocery cart, doing 360’s in the middle of the aisles! They both enjoyed looking at the different foods that were available here as well as the packaging differences! We picked up lunch at a cheese shop and then proceeded on to Chapel Street to look for camping stove fuel for Jim and my upcoming backpacking trip and a scarf for Alison. Found the scarf, struck out on the fuel.

Before noon we were on the road to Phillip Island to see the Penguin Parade. There is more to do on Phillip Island than can be done in one afternoon/evening, but we packed in as much as we could. Our first stop was the Chocolate Factory. We had a successful trip there! Then it was on to the Go Karts at the Grand Prix Circuit. You may remember that Jim and I did this a few weeks ago when we were on the island for a weekend and had a great time. On this cool, weekday afternoon, we three were the only ones on the track and we, too, had a lot of fun! The guy that was running the Go Kart operation took my camera and took a bunch of pictures while we raced around, which would not have happened if other people had been there. I am pleased to say that I did not come in last and I improved my fastest lap time by 9 whole seconds! I was hauling!


Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines!


Tucker getting in position to pass me, which he soon did!


Alison zipping through a turn!

With smiles on our faces we headed to some hiking spots including Pyramid Rock and The Nobbies. The tide was lower this time and the seas were calmer so things looked a bit different from when Jim and I were here recently. There were some penguins under the boardwalk at The Nobbies, so we got a preview of the Parade that we were headed to. On our secret gravel road to the Penguin Parade, the wallabies were out in force for their evening feeding and we even got to see 2 wallabies duking it out! 


You may be tired of crashing waves photos, but I’m not!


Two little penguins under the boardwalk at The Nobbies.


More crashing waves!


One of the many wallabies we saw on our way to the Penguin Parade.

The Penguin Parade was not a disappointment. Having been there before, I knew where we should sit so I made sure we were near the front of the line when they let people start the walk to the viewing stands. As we started down the steps on the stands, one of the rangers said we could sit in the front row, VIP seats, since no VIP tickets had been sold! We were in the perfect position to watch rafts of Little Penguins (rafts are what they call a group of penguins), come out of the ocean and quickly waddle across the sand to the rocky slopes. It is amazing to watch as hundreds (thousands) of the little guys come to shore. After about a half hour of watching the show by the water, we walked along the boardwalk where we could watch the penguins waddle to their nests for the night. It is an awesome sight! Tucker and Alison were impressed and thrilled to have seen the Penguin Parade.

We drove home and arrived by 9:30 PM. Time to go to bed!


4 comments on “Phillip Island with Tucker and Alison

  1. says:

    I will never tire of crashing wave pictures. Keep them coming! It sounds like another wonderful day!

  2. D'Alta says:

    I always knew you were a VIP, Marge!! Glad to know that the Aussies recognize that, too!! I love crashing waves and will take pic after pic to get the right one! And Marge, I am surprised that a woman so handy with yarn and knitting needles didn’t just go get a skein of yarn and whip up a scarf–tour guide, blogger, knitter extraordinaire!!! 😉 Glad that you all are having such a wonderful time!!!

  3. Carla Liotta says:

    I also never get tired of the crashing wave pics! Keep ’em coming. And, I had a wonderful souvenir from “our trip” in my mailbox at school! Thank you!

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